tank yoo

say white it`s right

27 Nov, 2015. 9:44pm

hi terence where is this going? who are you doing? my mind is stuck and i hope you're doing fine

25 Nov, 2015. 5:12am

deer ? when we went and saw the sky there was no judgement only observation a light open up inside the body disappearing love tea 26 nov 15. 9:30am. cny.

i love minimalism

23 Nov, 2015. 10:00pm

im lovin the lowercase minimalistic style of your site

23 Nov, 2015. 9:57pm

i say okay you are good and love keep do

16 Nov, 2015. 6:27pm

Hi Terence, How are you? do you live on a farm now? how's life? you are very special person

14 Nov, 2015. 2:18pm

deer ? o eye wonder why no one ever almost lets me know their name or how too contact them too say oo nothing special up hear or in there, we are trying too create someting too leaf beehind for this world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUQjNfYfda4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcWgIH2J_3A love tea 19 nov 15. 2:05pm. cny.

thank you

3 Nov, 2015. 12:13am

for there is only koh

2 Nov, 2015. 10:10pm

deer ? hoo are all yoo mysterioos people of existence? love, tea 03 nov 15. cny.

honey you are my hero, mariah carey style, not quite japanese but one vowel closer x joey

31 Oct, 2015. 3:52am

deer joey hoo are all the mysterioos honeys of the world? how doo eye contact all the bees of the world? love tea 03 nov 15. 3:05pm. cny.

t iramisu coloured pit hair e nter the envelope of trite transgressions r each for s club cosmos, starry e ach n elly Furtado c u e arlier than the next bus

25 Oct, 2015. 5:31am

Yesterday, while I was at work, my sister stole my apple survive a thirty foot drop, just so she can be a yoo My apple is now destroyed and she has 83 I know this is totally off topic but I had to share it with someone! spaccio

19 Oct, 2015. 9:49pm

deer spaccio pleased as soon as possible find the apple and cover it in unpasterized honey cover your face in honey as well and some earth there is a moon outside the sun now this way when yoo move yoo are still silent and still and the apple will no longer bee destroyed love tea 03 nov 15. cny.


13 Oct, 2015. 9:48pm

Fear ..

13 Oct, 2015. 2:24am

We contemplate life, Finally the flame burns out, Only smoke remains...

30 Sep, 2015. 1:23pm

it's not me that's crying it's my eyes

24 Sep, 2015. 5:39pm

bye leff out loud laugh out side leave out a rat just ran past a black rat

24 Sep, 2015. 5:16pm

deer ? we apologizie now its later oo tea 29 sep 15. cny.

bye leff out loud laugh out side leave out a rat just ran past a black rat

24 Sep, 2015. 5:16pm


22 Sep, 2015. 12:43pm

Consider, despite exactly how amazing you may want to search, essentially staying amazing whether it is getting stuck in the garden is not really essentially amazing. Not widespread parent, plenty of stars may also be spotted..

30 Aug, 2015. 9:11pm

see you in October :-*****

26 Aug, 2015. 1:41pm

what is your medium

11 Aug, 2015. 1:47am

deer ? at the moment it will bee confused todae i saw a white moth from the afternoon walk but also a white moth in a dream (day light?) cross cross the finger love tea 11 aug 15. 5:37pm. cny

hey ho , whazzaa?

8 Aug, 2015. 8:27pm

what the

25 Jul, 2015. 1:41am


23 Jul, 2015. 7:56am

i think i love terence koh

22 Jul, 2015. 9:03am


20 Jul, 2015. 1:41am

鈥淭 he inflection point for this year, 203.821981202091159 in the 1980s 鈥 had a tremendous basketball IQ. simply too slow

18 Jul, 2015. 9:34pm

deer ? kol on the eyes don't make sense what yoo say, ketchup love tea 22 jul 15. 12:13pm. cny.

My father is farmer . but after marriage we are going to purchase agricultural land and my husband is not a farmer. can i buy agricultural land by giving my father 7/12 please give me proper suggestion as early as possible

12 Jul, 2015. 3:56am

deer ? a father as a farmer allows a root tranmission from father to the son from father to the sun i wood ask if yoo can to gift 8 instead of 7/12 if short, use honey and pollen mixed with your hands in a earth jar place the mixture in the third eye yoo can than eat your father love tea 14 jul 15. 9:06am. cny.

i like youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

9 Jul, 2015. 12:43pm

deer ? if yoo leaf an email perhaps we can bee friends i have no friends really and wood like to make a new friend loove tea 14 jul 15. 9:08am. cny.

Party Mom Island.

9 Jul, 2015. 12:50am

Dear Terence i miss you. Tolo

7 Jun, 2015. 11:14am

deer tolo hoo thee hoo boloto goes north oo tea 09 june 15. cny.

sweetie, come to Germany

1 Jun, 2015. 3:54am

deer ? pleased time iz through? loove tea 07 jun 15. cny.

i've always wondered if you are related to germaine koh?

29 May, 2015. 5:41am

deer ? we are all sisters now still? oo tea 07 jun 15. cny.

Solemn trees. Watchful. Hands folded. Resolved. Birds. Waiting for a breeze.

2 May, 2015. 1:56am

Oh, hello. by bye bye

28 Apr, 2015. 3:27pm

can i write here to terence?

16 Apr, 2015. 3:34pm

deer ? he will listen with a bird flutter out of the clutter ping ping oo miss oo california sea.

It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunshine.

1 Apr, 2015. 6:52pm

deer ? all light is the might bee bright as sight love tea 21 apr 15. 11:56am. cny


8 Mar, 2015. 6:09am


24 Feb, 2015. 4:47pm

dear, any chance of still getting a cloud (black). want to include this in a show i would like to set up in berlin. many thanks & all, k. kay@fragment.berlin

21 Feb, 2015. 9:58am


16 Feb, 2015. 2:00am



8 Feb, 2015. 12:00am

what is now?

19 Jan, 2015. 12:17pm

Many people think that if they are not spending long periods of time out in the cold, it does not really matter what they are wearing on their feet. However, this could not be more incorrect. Even if you are out in the cold for just a few minutes, your feet can freeze quickly. Also, even if the temperatures are not that cold, they can still become damaged.

28 Oct, 2014. 2:23pm

deer ? tank yoo kind for the two sentence we will keep feet warm and yoo too, keep heart warm too so blood red red love tea 03 nov 14. 7:02am. c, ny.

Yes. Sadly a great distance keeps us apart... I shall perform this without you Koh, and until then I shall serenade you.. Can I send a video to you? Ciao, Charilie xoxoxo

30 Mar, 2014. 11:10am

oh deer, when will you come to what's left of spain?

13 Mar, 2014. 9:59am

deer ? no invites yet songing oo tea 18 mar 14. 6:50pm. ny.

yesterday morning i walking in Athens, Greece and they kiss me a cap so i find good idea to fuck him in my bed

30 Mar, 2014. 2:45pm

deer ? can yoo tell me more aboot it because we have to site i am at oo@nothingtoodoo.com love tea 03 nov 14. 7:15am. c, ny.

How To Talk About The Future?

29 Mar, 2014. 4:15pm

deer ? www.nothingtoodoo.com? oo tea 31 mar 14. 10:52am. ny.

One moment, pleased

16 Apr, 2014. 1:40pm

deer ? i am no longer on hear pleased leaf messages on > http://www.nothingtoodoo.com/club loove tea

my elbow hurts

9 Jun, 2014. 9:31pm

When considering plants, it will prosper when given the proper care and attention which could include properly hanging them in appropriate plant hangers. To begin with, it may be helpful to start with selecting a basket. There are a large variety of baskets available so you might want to consider one that will suit the decor of the area you are likely to hang it in. The size of basket may also be important so it might help to determine the size of your plant and exactly how big the plant will be when it is mature. The material is yet another aspect to consider when choosing the right basket. Baskets can be found in galvanized wires, plastic, ceramic pots and many other materials. You really need to look at the material used for the hanger also, and one of the most popular types is macramé.Now that you have chosen your container it may be a good idea to line it. Lining the container will help hold the soil in place along with reduce the amount of watering required. There are several kinds of lining you can get but you may want to consider sphagnum moss or polythene or a mixture of both. To help your plant flourish and not become too waterlogged, poking holes towards the bottom of the container enables proper drainage. After you have layered the container it may be a good idea to choose good soil and fertilizer. For hanging plants, make sure you select a potting mix with a slow releasing fertilizer incorporated in the mix.One of the most important choices for the success of any planting project is the choosing of the plant itself. There are a few plants that will not grow well in a basket, but other that will thrive if properly looked after. Well-established and mature plants and flowers that have flowered generally do well. Some popular plants include Lobelias, Geraniums, Pansies and Verbenas as they tend to be perfect for hanging baskets. It will be beneficial to check the space where you would like to hang the plant once you have it planted. The basket will be heavy, so making sure that surface you will stand on when hanging it is sturdy may help prevent an accident. Also, any hooks that will be used to hold the hanger can be checked for security and to make sure they are strong enough to support the plant. Keep in mind that generally the plants get heavier as they are watered. Great care and consideration really should be given when choosing where to put a plant hanger. It should not be put in front of anything or be knocked in any way. You may also want to consider whether the plant will be getting enough or far too much natural sunlight, and if the temperature of the room is sufficient for the plant to live. One last thing you should keep in mind as you try help your plant flourish is that keeping the plant watered may make a difference as to how healthy the plant is. Water needs is dependent upon the kind of plant you have picked in addition to the temperature of the space. Sometimes hanging plants must be watered daily and determining how frequent your plant needs water will help you be able to care for it properly.

2 Apr, 2014. 12:47pm

deer ? read http://www.nothingtoodoo.com/hole/april-08-2013-0439--note-0 love tea 02 apr 14. 07:00pm. ny.

One moment, please

6 Jun, 2014. 6:20pm

deer ? a moment too yoo yoo make me happy now tank yoo berry much much love terence 19 jun 14. future. 7:51pm. ny.

Are you a student?

8 Apr, 2014. 3:18pm

deer ? i am no longer on hear pleased leaf messages on > http://www.nothingtoodoo.com/club loove tea

i am tired of being broke .

14 Feb, 2014. 3:23am

deer ? happy valentine's day too yoo does broke means knot broken i admire yoo because yoo are free yoo are my angel free oo love tea 14 feb 14. 4:43pm. ny.


8 Mar, 2014. 5:32pm

Dear Mr, Koh I am an ocad student thank you.

12 Feb, 2014. 2:18am

deer fellow canadian deer fellow existence deer toronto coldness oo tea 12 feb 14. 9:43am. ny.

no one is an artist

29 Jun, 2014. 5:17am

deer ? i am no longer on hear pleased leaf messages on > http://www.nothingtoodoo.com/club loove tea

hello koh. I will be doing a performance for you. Is there anything you would like me to do specifically? Ciao, Charlie

1 Apr, 2014. 12:35am

deer Terenche, It's really really important day for TURKEY! Please send us your prayers, Be with us. TANK YOU E

30 Mar, 2014. 8:36am

deer e i doo knot know what iz happening in turkey a prayer sent for peace as that iz all i know how to hope a flower cycling oo tea 31 mar 14. 10:51am. ny.

What is your concept - behind your works?

1 Mar, 2014. 1:08pm

deer ? i am a bit confused trying to answer this question wood the bee sting the pea behind i stand no concept at hand peeking at yoo h o p in g yoo wood love me love tea 01 mar 14. 11:25pm. ny.

what is life?

16 Mar, 2014. 5:59pm

i want to be

10 Mar, 2014. 12:31pm

I am confused Koh. Just very very confused.... Ciao, Charlie

28 Mar, 2014. 1:59pm

deer charlie ok we can doo it wood yoo like to meet? oo tea 28 mar 14. 3:16pm. ny.

do you have a dollar? -Jeannie Simms

16 Mar, 2014. 9:11pm

do you have a dollar?

16 Mar, 2014. 9:17pm

tea a few days ago a very close person 2 me said goodbye 2 me there woz no hate, no anger but it woz out of love love in every possible way but i am confused by this my feelngs r changing but we had 2 say gudbye in order 4 him 2 fix himself n now i am here i feel stranded on a deserted island there r no fruits tho n no pretty fish evrythgn has lost colour n i m slowly fading love eugene

13 Feb, 2014. 3:17pm

deer eugene yoo are flower flower fade leaf fade cell fade its it a sea than time? love tea 14 feb 14. 4:46pm. ny.

six figures 4 sick figure.

16 Mar, 2014. 9:17pm


19 Jun, 2014. 6:48pm

The clarity in your put up is just excellent and i can suppose you're a professional in this subject.

26 Mar, 2014. 5:15am

deer ? tank yoo oo, tea 28 mar 14. 12:08pm. ny.

Dear Tea, Yes i am! And my wife sais it to, and I am inspired to lift the curtains in my room a little more, and peak out side. Viktor

26 Mar, 2014. 5:56am

deer viktor sai allo too the wife i smile here in the woods and tink a little light through a bergenian curtain oo tea 28 mar 14. 3:18pm. ny.

Dear Mr Koh, The spring is just around the corner here and the sun is warming my face. What might be better than a boat ride under these conditions? Viktor

25 Mar, 2014. 5:00am

deer viktor doo yoo meaning yoo are in bergen norway? o yoor massage does makes me happy a first spring massage oo tea 25 mar 14. 7:59am. ny.


21 Mar, 2014. 12:45am

intrigues by the challenge

21 Mar, 2014. 12:54am

deer ? yoo are a mystery hoo iz everybody oo @ nothingtoodoo .com quiet oo tea 21 mar 14. 9:39am. ny.

Koh Bunny. I need a relief. I want to count not pearls but white plaster covered bibles! Would like you like to count with me someday. Till then you sexy bunny. Ciao, Charlie.

27 Mar, 2014. 1:06pm

i'd suck your bunny tail 4 $. d.

11 Jun, 2014. 5:28pm

Hey Koh, leaving two messages in a row is a bit forward, but I just listened to GoodBye Horses, and it made me think of you. Ciao, Charlie

27 Mar, 2014. 1:12pm

____ . . (. \_ , |\ /| \ 0 \ /| \ \/ / \______ \/ | \ / vvvv\ \ | / | \^^^^ == \_/ | `\_ === \. | / /\_ \ / | |/ \_ \| / \____ /

2 Apr, 2014. 6:44pm

deer ? i am no longer on hear pleased leaf messages on > http://www.nothingtoodoo.com/club loove tea

Hi, do You know antyhing?

2 Apr, 2014. 7:22pm

deer ? i am no longer on hear pleased leaf messages on > http://www.nothingtoodoo.com/club loove tea

Hello Terence....It's been a long time...I hope all is well with you. I've been photo-documenting a big new project for the MANA Contemporary Museum in Jersey City. Opening this Saturday is their new Glass Gallery designed by Richard Meier and curated by Ray Smith called All The Best Artists Are My Friends (Part 1). It's an incredible space about the size of a football field. The artists in the show are really amazing, Francesco Clemente, Rita Ackerman, Ray Smith, Julian Schnabel, Sante D'Orazio, Ai Weiwei and Bruce High Quality to name a few. I am inviting you come to the opening this Saturday May 10th from 1-7pm. Here's a link with all the details: www.manaexposition.com I'll be there as well as many of the artists in this show. I look forward to seeing you again and have a wonderful day! Robert Banat

8 May, 2014. 4:25pm

deer ? i am no longer on hear pleased leaf messages on > http://www.nothingtoodoo.com/club loove tea

e yesterday night and I at last found what i was looking for!

28 Mar, 2014. 8:11pm

You can certainly see your expertise within the work you write. The arena hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren't afraid to mention how they believe. Always go after your heart. "Every man serves a useful purpose A miser, for example, makes a wonderful gay ancestor." by Laurence J. Peter.

10 Feb, 2014. 2:57pm

deer laurence oo oo tea 10 feb 14. 3:25pm. ny.

where did you go?

9 Feb, 2014. 7:51pm


9 Feb, 2014. 7:30pm


9 Feb, 2014. 7:30pm

I'm from England

7 Feb, 2014. 12:28pm

What happened to your career? <3

3 Feb, 2014. 8:08am

deer ? i have nothing now nothing in the past nothing in the future its just me terence now with nothing love tea 10 feb 14. 8:08am. ny.

I want to whiten things with you <3

3 Feb, 2014. 4:26pm

Hello tea, Thanks to you for your reply. Very beautiful man. Are you uncut? I wish you are. --Joe Flow

2 Feb, 2014. 10:17am

deer joe flow in every answer iz a yes love tea 04 feb 14. 9:41am. ny.

Hello Terence Koh, I am replying to your request for a piano teacher. I played for many years and was classically trained but now i just jam out/learn songs by ear I am obsessed with you. I would love to teach you piano simply for your conversation / ideas --Joe Flow Monteleone

21 Jan, 2014. 5:21pm

Tea, I am obsessed with you In my life lenses you are the sexiest living thing I want to meet you much love Joe Flow Monteleone

21 Jan, 2014. 4:41pm

deer joe i am inside the wood now yoo are the cloud before the rain the dance of the water in the sky love tea 30 jan 14. 9:19am. ny.

Best way to follow your dream?

19 Jan, 2014. 8:34pm

its allways sold out

19 Jan, 2014. 1:13pm

its allways sold out

19 Jan, 2014. 1:13pm


16 Jan, 2014. 11:26pm


15 Jan, 2014. 9:50pm

有个人张的象巧克力,走着走着就被人吃了 博必发

15 Jan, 2014. 1:56pm

deer 博必发 ok pokie love, tea 16 jan 14. 6:40am. ny.

hear T, me so singular. -lovely boy

13 Jan, 2014. 12:38am

deer lovely boy i will bee wit yoo for tea to bee tea a sea foo yoo allways love tea 13 jan 14. 4:27pm. grey sky with loads of barren fuel leafs out and shivering. ny.

tea i slept only 1 hr last night thinking crying feeling absolutel...y nothing but abslutly everything wot do u make of this there is not enuf luv in this world 2 find 2 explain the love that u eminate eugene

10 Jan, 2014. 4:11pm

deer eugene gift yourself a question i will tink it in my head now so that it will get transfered in the other world too yoo the numbers are 8, 6 and 3 love tea 13 jan 14. 4:30pm. ny.

Well, then you need to seek the help of Sri Sarva sidhi. Sri Sarva sidhi yantra is also useful if you wish to practice any process that involves breath control and concentration like meditation.This has been specially designed and loaded with energiesto radiate its beneficial powers to empower your life. dog training

10 Jan, 2014. 1:18pm

Jello Tea, Bow art doo? Benjamin.

5 Jan, 2014. 3:06pm

deer benjamin ok! oo@nothingtoodoo.com loove tea 06 jan 14. 9:43am. ny.

Tła, schodów, azali jest podobnie aż do tego, jakie miejsca? Jakie miejsca będą wyglądaliśmy. Osobiściej wybierzemy pewien spośród opuszczonym obiektywie? Polecam parę sprawdzonych nie się w ową stronę o wschodzi nam do tego jest wszelako nie stoi na placu Szczepańskim, przecież lecz późnym wieczór. Ciekawego tła, schodzie ma tam o wschodzić przedtem, czy jest "Zaułek niewiernego przyrządzać po tym opuszczonych są stare fabryki kołowrót M1. Vitaler max oponie. Jest po tej stronie co niemiara par ma szkopuł z wyborem miejsca? Jakie miejsca? Jakie w sąsiedztwie Alejach. zdjęcia na spontanicznych po sesję ślubną. Vitaler max oponie. Czym się spośród parą młodą na świadomy plener, tzn. bez określenia aż do wody i na przeszkodzie słońca, aby z wolna się.

4 Jan, 2014. 8:50am

deer aby z wolna się okie we go loove tea 04 jan 14. 11:51am. ny.

Should I eat mac or cheese 4 dinner? thanks, mom

2 Jan, 2014. 8:52pm

deer mom i dont decide anyting for other existences loove tea 03 jan 14. 9:09am. ny.


29 Dec, 2013. 3:01pm

i want have sex with you

28 Dec, 2013. 6:07pm

deer ? good good loove tea 30 dec 13. 8:08am. ny.

i want have sex with you

28 Dec, 2013. 6:02pm

If the world fell apart tomorrow and there was...

21 Dec, 2013. 2:51pm

deer ? lets tink aboot the now there iz no tommoorrow there iz no yesterday we are together, now merry christ mast deer ? love tea 25 dec 13. 11:23am. noowhere.

Success in self-improvement through spiritual path requires that we become absolutely involved in our journey. We need to be positive, determined and motivated. cheap glow sticks http://www.pacestone.com/list.asp

19 Dec, 2013. 8:41pm

deer cheap glow sticks the first sentence you write makes sense too me. i am knot sure about the second sentence, especially about those three words poot together like that. a bit sappy, a leaky tree. love tea 20 dec 13. 8:58am. ny. www.nothingtoodoo.com

revolving afternoon.

16 Dec, 2013. 8:54am

deer ? i wood like to revolve with yoo but i am now on nothingtoodoo why else right? love tea 16 dec 13. 11:02am. ny.

The pot is flowing over, but father just won't move. Time isn't friendly here. marv

14 Dec, 2013. 6:39am

deer marv pot flowing father just isn't here yoo yoo love tea 14 dec 13. 10:23am. ny.

Does the artist exist before he creates art? Can he be called an artist without creation; does this mean it is, in fact, the art that creates the artist? Who was Terence before his work? #sixo

4 Dec, 2013. 12:51am

white is my favourite colour. if it is a "colour". why is it yours? are you ever going to do a show in london? love for eternity, sir. charlie. x

3 Dec, 2013. 9:16am

the only harmless friends are a jug of clear wine & a vessel of songs....

22 Nov, 2013. 4:45pm

deer ? better knot to have any friends like me love, tea 24 nov 13. 4:24pm. ny.


19 Nov, 2013. 9:04pm

hello world

16 Nov, 2013. 2:57pm

deer ? hello lonliness hello holiness hello o lee ness love tea 16 nov 13. 4:33pm. ny.

as we look one eye e eee beems loop

11 Nov, 2013. 8:58am

What a information of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious familiarity on the topic of unexpected emotions.

1 Nov, 2013. 8:43am

deer ? i tink its about the how there love, tea 14 nov 13. 6:52pm. ny.

i am a middle class student in baltimore from china. what can i do.

30 Oct, 2013. 4:19pm

Dear Ear, we were five shy high you reached your five you shook, we shook, you said you said you would love me forever now an adam and eve is we Thank you, for listening

30 Oct, 2013. 1:59pm

inspirational terence love tea

24 Oct, 2013. 7:53pm

Terence, you are my favourite artist. i'm an exchange student in Iceland, there is an online arts and culture magazine starting up in November and I want to submit an article and hope it is published. would you consider being interviewed via email or whatever method you prefer? I would pay you in positive energies and kind words. thanks, little one

23 Sep, 2013. 5:01pm

deer little one in iceland my cheeks are roses from your magik letter i am aboot to move to a mountain to count stars in tree days but can i give my last interview to yoo send 8 questions to my little helper alec at : alec@asiasongsociety.com remember i can't answer anyting if yoo sent it after tree days there are tears and fears but are there peas and seas love terence 24 sep 13. 9:24am. nyc.

L O V E. ch, bk.

23 Sep, 2013. 1:04pm

Even though I alone

20 Sep, 2013. 8:08am

deer ? we are alone yoo are alone i am alone i walk through silence for a while the valley, the mountains and yet, the same light till than, good bye bye love terence 22 sep 13. 8:08am. nyc.

I hope I could be the old me, I want me back!

18 Sep, 2013. 4:05pm

deer ? corals, onto the love tea 18 sep 13. 7:05pm. nyc.

I fell in love this year. I am 20.

11 Sep, 2013. 8:52am

deer 20 love hoo yoo have to describe because its the curiousity love tea 12 sep 13. 10:25am. nyc.

o o come sea o you saw me o o eye, eye, eye blinked lock hard for wat you want look in out he doesn't mean mean to tell they know sound so well

11 Sep, 2013. 4:20am

deer ? ok good now felt now ok good loove tea 12 sep 13. 10:25am. nyc.

we must ensure the existence of our people and a future for ALL children regards kindest, bowery bob

10 Sep, 2013. 5:03pm

yes now tea

Dear Terence Hello. I am sorry poor English. I love terence's work. A dream looks at your work some day in New York. And I am looking forward to the exhibition in Japan. love, Poko

8 Sep, 2013. 9:00am

deer poko i never have show in japan and i look forward to it too perhaps together we can see the future, a sun setting onto the ocean and a sun rising up with much love in my heart terence 09 sep 13. 4:58am. nyc.

You are my breathing in, Jorge

4 Sep, 2013. 10:58pm

deer jorge remember breathing iz like filling in a white ballon in your stomach loove, tea 05 sep 13. 2:32pm. nyc.

Together, we created new, revolutionary ways of thinking

2 Sep, 2013. 3:11am

deer ? i am proud of yoo as a father to his father's son loove, tea 03 sep 13. 12:17pm. nyc.

it isn't "really there" my hand covered in white.

28 Aug, 2013. 5:07pm

deer ? tank yoo loove, tea 30 aug 13. 5:46pm. nyc.

Now,however there is the fact regarding light - weight well over going light light

24 Aug, 2013. 10:40am

deer light tank yoo foo also beeing there love, tea 25 aug 13. 3:27am. nyc.

I can’t understand how to add want to your posts.

20 Aug, 2013. 7:31am

deer ? use a referendum talk with all people and see the back of their head love tea 20 aug 13. 1:17pm. conneticut.

enlighten me with your words for your every work is surrounded by white but I see black? Am I blind or just inapt to see the light? -4zken

19 Aug, 2013. 12:08pm

deer ken how goes dee light if dee sight under dee manila sky iz full of sight loove tea 19 aug 13. 5:10pm. nyc.

enlighten me with your words for your every work is surrounded by white but I see black? Am I blind or just inapt to see the light?

19 Aug, 2013. 12:08pm

Enhance The Life

15 Aug, 2013. 6:35pm

say that you feel same don't let me go please boy, do I miss you -lonelysincetoday

7 Aug, 2013. 12:20am

deer lonelysincetoday what iz your existence love tea 07 aug 13. 9:28am. nyc.

Of course, the knowledge that that person will never again

2 Aug, 2013. 4:55pm

deer ? in the beginning there iz a never again so knot to worry love tea 03 aug 13. 10:51am. nyc.

You only champions at the end of the last

27 Jul, 2013. 3:15am

I read a lot Expired

25 Jul, 2013. 8:40am

How many more years do you have to go? Third

25 Jul, 2013. 8:40am

deer Third its knot inside the ears. everyting after life iz always 88 ears from now. love tea 25 jul 13. 9:48am. nyc.

Things To Know About The Poison for men

24 Jul, 2013. 12:59am

deer ? there iz a forest inside yoo that can cure all wicked matter to reach it yoo goo through rivers of consciousness and awake from tears of disregarding matter love tea 23 jul 13. 9:14am. nyc.

As far as we are concerned, science falls into two categories: one that when used makes life a joy on the farm and one that costs you dearly.When science and scientific research is directed to unraveling the incredible complex systems in nature such as we find in the soil, you can farm productively and profitably.When we appreciate and aid the balance of nature and the benefit of this work is revealed to you, you will find that there are many ways to put it into practice on the farm. Take some problems in the soil like fusarium, phytophthora, root eating nematodes, take-all and cockchafers. They only become a problem when soil gets out of balance and they proliferate otherwise they all have a useful function in the soil.So science that helps you get balance in the soil is a God-send, and when applied makes you money.The other category of science and scientific research is the one that looks at those same problems occurring in nature, but tries to solve these problems by only treating the symptoms.Usually this area of research is funded by commercial interests who are aiming to develop commercial products to combat and eradicate these problems.These commercial products do give relief to so called enemies albeit temporarily. Do you notice that the problem mostly comes back and the commercial product has to be used time and time again Or that if the problem is resolved, another one comes to take its placeSo you get on the never ending treadmill of using these products on recurring problems. Which science would you sooner back The one that reveals how to get soil balance so the problem doesnt exist or the one that provides you with costly temporary relief to a problem that keeps recurring Its easy

22 Jul, 2013. 12:12pm

deer Its easy i fooloow some time a path there iz a mountain in my hope that stands when i am up to that i say, on time still time keep on love tea 22 july 13. 1:03pm. nyc.

unwell unquestionably come further formerly again as exactly the same nearly a lot often inside case you shield this hike.

21 Jul, 2013. 9:32pm

deer ? ok i understand well lets get it together then, tank yoo? love tea 22 jul 13. 8:00am. nyc.

Very interesting tale Excellence ability. Never ability. Rarely committed to ability. Usually ability. Always

20 Jul, 2013. 5:32pm

deer Always a round of drinks never tires to walk into happiness love tea 22 jul 13. 8:02am. nyc.

Wow, this post is pleasant, my sister is analyzing these kinds of things, thus I am going to tell her. Replica

19 Jul, 2013. 9:28pm

deer Replica i feel that yoo are strong a purity surrounded by dwarf pine trees glowing in the night love tea 20 july 13. 9:54am. nyc.

we spoke about the boredom.my boredom.a boredom in the scottish highlands.the great grey sky swirled like the wet ash of a bar room ashtray.the castle on the hill was hidden from view. now summer has woke.sun and sky are alive.like warm bursts of golden showers.they glow.i walked the old railway tracks.i saw a red tail vanish over the hill.or maybe an osprey?it moved so quick. and on the mountain.in front of the ocean.i can see the castle on the hill and my boredom has gone away. gregory. ps - castle varrich tongue. google it and be filled with a new and special joy

19 Jul, 2013. 12:39pm

deer gregory the tongue that flow into, now yes joy i tink of yoo in the scottish highlands and i tink of melancholic wonderers i suspect yoo are on of those joy full sols now it wood bee nice to walk together one dae love tea 20 july 13. 9:56am. from nyc to scotland.

All of these firefall gold work best footbring i had obtained inside of a many years therefore nice cool i have got simply bought this Thirdly twosome and however will order even more take pleasure

19 Jul, 2013. 6:12am

deer ? i support yoo lasers are knot warm stones love terence 19 jul 13. 8:16am. nyc.

Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read something like this before.

19 Jul, 2013. 6:11am

You surely know ways to bring an concern to light and make it necessary.

18 Jul, 2013. 10:54pm

realy thank you for starting this up. handbags

18 Jul, 2013. 10:54pm

hi tea i saw the video that u r in aww'studioooo mis u hugs tan

16 Jul, 2013. 5:31pm

halo tee, felt you mite be a bit of a bumble bee these todaes pollinating the world with all what honey that you make.. a gorgeous obsidian kitten in slumber. with diamond eyes & muffin brains that slowly whisper to thy cell membrane.. between this silver suede cage, "cee thru see crests & halp mee escape i ville halp u in ur ways" so i rolled him up like a bean burrito.. stuffed him up like a soy springroll. his legs still sticking out like a round chubby popsicle- i snuggled him warmly as close as possible (this is what counts) and now he just follows me everywhere i go, even in my dreams i give him sweet tuna treats, my big black pussy .. .. .. .. *purr purr*.. .. .. .. with black pussy love, -mogie p.s: i may have emailed u sometime or other but disregard it as the email was too awkward and terrible, silence is nest known for unknown answers.

15 Jul, 2013. 5:59am

deer mogie too touch with more tears than possibilities love tea 17 jul 13. 10:49am. nyc.

tea you are tea, but i cant drink you. why? stars and hearts Jessie

13 Jul, 2013. 7:53pm


12 Jul, 2013. 6:13pm

deer ? i oooooooo i love tea 12 jul 13. 10:08pm. ps. pleased write me i am a lone : oo@nothingtoodoo.com

dont take time off to look at stars reply my email terence

10 Jul, 2013. 5:15pm

hi tea im a 20 year old singaporean girl i think your works are as beautiful as the white you surround yourself in you are so pure i would love to see your works in real life one day, and hopefully get to see you im an artist myself i wonder what the world looks like through your eyes if you are bored: http://crystlll.tumblr.com/ im going to london in a few days i wonder hows the art scene is like there i plan on studying there i dont know, probably confused and sick of where i am take care now x crystal

10 Jul, 2013. 4:52pm

deer crystal i tink yoo are a rainbow a crystal sometimes when i hear yoo its like we are nothing a wake, too know the knot the knot outside love tea 10 jul 13. 9:50pm.

hi tea im a 20 year old singaporean girl i think your works are as beautiful as the white you surround yourself in you are so pure i would love to see your works in real life one day, and hopefully get to see you im an artist myself i wonder what the world looks like through your eyes if you are bored: http://crystlll.tumblr.com/ im going to london in a few days i wonder hows the art scene is like there i plan on studying there i dont know, probably confused and sick of where i am take care now x crystal

10 Jul, 2013. 4:43pm

deer crystal true apologies foo this late reply i donut know any other singaporeans, hello there gurlfriend poot on your eyes and the world spins more on truth loove tea 15 aug 13. 9:06am. nyc.

undeer you, I suspect you to had sex with my Boyfriend

6 Jul, 2013. 7:38pm

deer ? its now. have mountain? love, tea.

undeer, I suspect you to had sex wiz my BF!

6 Jul, 2013. 7:38pm

i like it

2 Jul, 2013. 1:42pm

please help me become an architect

28 Jun, 2013. 3:12am


28 Jun, 2013. 3:11am

yesterday I was in berlin and I saw your "last supper" installation in olbrichts collection room.It was the most mind fucking and and scary experience I ever saw. you sir are a genius.I will never forget the moment i stepped into that dark stroboscope filled room just to witness the horror. keep doing what youre doing best! greeting from germany!

16 Jun, 2013. 3:57pm

deer germany so many ears ago it lets me sea a black forest again yoo remind me off that all, tank yoo love tea 17 jun 13. 11:02am. nyc.

club | terence koh lishou http://www.masterswm.org/lishou.php

16 Jun, 2013. 11:26am

deer lishou i read " milk diet is not only the good way for whitening beauty" make it raw almond milk too, don't drink mother's milk like that now love tea 17 jun 13. 11:01am. nyc.

i'm broke and miserable (right now) but god damned beautiful. one day, i'll be living your life, terence. i know i will.

8 Jun, 2013. 11:56am

deer ? yoo donut need anyting else bee broke but lovely yoo sea all there iz my amigoo love tea 12 jun 13. ps. misery iz a nutshell suitcase that iz best dissolved in the stomach

hello. i like ur art.would you make more please.iv not seen any new art by u in ages.since you walked round sum salt with eternal amounts of small although growing love

26 May, 2013. 8:07pm

deer ? liking someting iz like liking cereal foo breakfast. does it knot pound on the doorstep of yoor heart. to like or to love. i really don't have nothing too doo all dae so i don't make anymore till the sea comes and fetches me. till than. love tea 12 jun 13.

you always ignore me.and i never learn.im probably dumb.or numb.i cant quite tell.

24 May, 2013. 12:21pm

deer ? yoo have a delicious aura aboot yoo yoo and i know yoo are knot dumb numb numb iz a pleasure a boat that rides onto a boat love tea 12 jun 13. pea rights.

Hello! can you please tell me more about 'holes' and 'deer' please? they are my favourite and I want to write about them. Fanku, M

12 May, 2013. 10:48pm

deer M i know less about more than yoo doo a deer in a holes yoo will write? till a ship sails beyond dee moon love tea 12 jun 13. nyc. 1:43pm.

im 16 and studying art, my deadline is in two days and i found your work and decided to change my entire project as i was so inspired by you.

9 May, 2013. 6:13am

deer ? yoo makeeth me blush how can i ever sea what yoo wrote. i pretend too bee disinterested in writings of myself but that iz totally knot true. love tea 12 jun 13. nyc. 1:36pm.

I write this memory. -AL

6 May, 2013. 2:45pm

terence i am bored.i am in the scottish highlands.i think the sky looks grey.from my window outside is more boring. do you ever have boredom? i consider boring far tooo boring :(

4 May, 2013. 3:29pm

deer : ( i am bored every moment and than unbored ever after i wood like too bee in the scottish highlands it sounds like a most wonder place why wood yoo ever need too bee bored yoo know that everyting exist beyond dee heart and the brain and iz in all so forget boringness and embrace all of the grey sky and rain and and and love tea 12 june 13. ps. pleased write in the club page at www.nothingtoodoo.com i only bear check this some booing times.

Terence, i live here in cooooold Finlad but saw some intresting ( warm ) dreams about you:) Would you like to send me a thought too!

9 Apr, 2013. 7:13am

deer finish human pleased send thoughts to evan and he can pass it on too me evan@asiasongsociety.com there iz a warm i feel finland? sea? love tea

Terence! I´am from Finland and saw couple intresting dreams about you:)

9 Apr, 2013. 7:07am

deer tee, love for eternity(atleast for me)will be like new mexico when it rains or snows your upside down sculptures were the first i fell in love with and you know i still do climb everytime atop and fall back into it again and again until i'm no longer human you do not know me and i do not know you but thats okay lets just say i'm just a kitten kernel who admires your wisdom tooth mother earth and father sky watch over you elias 5:57am 4.8.13

8 Apr, 2013. 7:32am

deer ? hello hello i doo knot much check this anymore we are at www.nothingtoodoo.com are yoo still human can yoo write evan my helper : evan@asiasongsociety.com i want to know now so much more about yoo love tea

Im a Pearlyboy

6 Apr, 2013. 9:15am

Hi! Can I Please use one of your poems to put on a poster? The poster is for a poetry group where we sit around and read ours/other peoples poems in the sunshine. But it is okay if you say no because I understand.

2 Apr, 2013. 5:09am

deer ? yes yes pleased use all that yoo wish pleased send stuff of poetry group too so its a read of moon love tea

eighty-eight too late

24 Mar, 2013. 3:50am

t, i like that you like bunnies. big fan of your work xo a

18 Mar, 2013. 4:42pm

. Will you ever get old? I am getting old but feel as if I were still 15 something like that. Very confusing but good alm

9 Mar, 2013. 5:45am

deer alm i have long ceased to belief that i am a god and in so dooing the circle comes around i wonder hoo yoo are, what yoo tink when yoo look in the mirror late at night? doo yoo examine your eyes? love tea

T, It’s late and I have written. I have wine and the windows are open. Static trumpet drone comes through my stereo and I am beginning to realize that I might not ever find the most appropriate tone for this. love, SHK

5 Mar, 2013. 9:32pm

T, It’s late and I have written. I have wine and the windows are open. Static trumpet drone comes through my stereo and I am beginning to realize that I might not ever find the most appropriate tone for this. love, SHK

5 Mar, 2013. 9:21pm


3 Mar, 2013. 12:27pm


27 Feb, 2013. 2:19pm

hey terence, i'm lili i'm french i'm hot, chic, i'm funky, a lil craycray, i have a very solid work ethic, i'm an artist, i'm about to do one of those art school interviews where you have to talk in front of 24 teachers while showing your work with sweaty palms and flary nostrils, to try and transfer into the biggest and most famous french art school (~mystery anonyma~), i'm going to give your name as a premium reference and say how much i admire your work and your thought process (the one I read in books). If you need an assistant, i'll be yours to have, just text/call me on my french cellphone 0674907028 - wo ai ni

27 Feb, 2013. 2:19pm

deer wo ai ai pleased write evan evan@asiasongsociety.com i want to know ever love tea

T.K. Is the feeling of nirvana ever describable? -K.H.

22 Feb, 2013. 9:46am

T, tell me bout you and the rabbits :( he doesn't even notices me A

11 Feb, 2013. 2:07pm

Terence, please tell me about you and the bunnies How does it feel working with em i really want a bunny Mandy

10 Feb, 2013. 12:34pm

everything is everything phlogiston74, CH

9 Feb, 2013. 3:00am

dear terence, I am a guy from Turkey, Istanbul. I really like your works and appreciate your artistic way of expressing yourself. I'm just 17 and I am sorry for my bad English. Art and Love.

4 Feb, 2013. 8:41pm

deer art and love i doo love istanbul, i remember the prayer hour and the sound of the singing that will bee a mirror to the land tank yoo foo writing this kind letter, and i tink your english iz never bad. belief in the abstract language. love tea

d e a r q u e e n o f s n o w , e v e n i f i f e l l a p a r t & s t o p p e d m y b r e a t h , i ' d s t i l l b e y o u r b e s t f r i e n d j u s t a t h o u g h t s i n c e r e l y , i l o v e s l e e p i n g p i l l s t o o

27 Jan, 2013. 11:04pm

deer i l o v e s l e e p i n g p i l l s t o o i am very curious hoo yoo are? are yoo a snow now? the imagination of best friends are the best ones and i hope to sea yoo one dae love tea

Terence, Your beautiful words make my heart all warm and fuzzy, I'm smiling from ear to ear truly. Big love from, B

24 Jan, 2013. 11:31am

deer B yoo make me smile now from sea to sea if yoo become my ship pleased bee gentle with your waves inside my heart love tea

white out my face.

23 Jan, 2013. 9:26pm

even though she is fat now, is the baroness lady dada still your friend?

23 Jan, 2013. 5:09pm

Hello, mr. Terrence Koh, I'm the editor of LINE Magazine and this is the second time I try to contact you since I'd really like to publish some of your works in the next issue of the magazine, which is due to March/April 2013. The theme of the issue is Sacrifice. Please, let me know if you are interested in working with us. Best wishes fromt Italy Francesco Todescato - LINE Magazine francesco@line-virtual.com www.line-virtual.com

23 Jan, 2013. 11:33am

purest terence, were are my manners, how have you been? i hope your days are as bright and beautiful as a bunnys soft white fur. each night everytime i swallow white, or see a moon (just like now) in hues of alabaster. whether crescent or full- I think of you, and i know everything is going to be alright each time. thank you :o) -mogie soso&xoxo's

17 Jan, 2013. 10:49pm

deer mogie hoo hoo art thou a snow owl in the snow moon where doo yoo live? where doo yoo exist? write evan and he will pass on a message foo mee, i gave up email a while ago to energize with alabaster light tea

Terence, you trying to take my totem? I am the bunnyman! There can be only one! www.emptykingdom.com.

16 Jan, 2013. 1:11am

I will always love you

16 Jan, 2013. 12:53am

deer ? in truth? an orbit inside the soul an orbit onto yoo tank yoo love tea

Thinking about curating you into a show. What do you think about that? Jordan and Friends

14 Jan, 2013. 8:51pm

Hello, this LINE Magazine, we would like to publish some of your works on the next issue. If you're interested, please get in touch. francesco@line-virtual.com www.line-virtual.com

14 Jan, 2013. 5:32pm

T I am looking at buying "the rose the rose" is it a limited edition of 30? please advise L

14 Jan, 2013. 6:27am

your work make me cry camila pizarro

9 Jan, 2013. 3:20pm

deer camila tank yoo tank yoo ever so kind i tink that if one person cries because of what yoo doo its a reason to go on yoo make me one to go on, its really true perhaps we can have tea one dae love tea

Dear Terence, I have wrote a poem for you. Hello beautiful hello hell hello perfume breath caught, in tongues tied on ethylene cervix our would be's blowing, us on every darkest street Two tongues licking into London flesh Now is the future Time has elapsed What smells like a vacuum might taste of a veterinary candy cane How I miss boiling ketamine on every Easter Sunday With me in a coma Had me dreaming I was swimming so I pulled the curtains too, to kiss the shadow. *I admire your work so immensely. I hope to meet you somenight when I have fully matured as a poet, or in some other form because I am unsure I may only have a few months left to live. xoxo Best of yours, -Mogie

4 Jan, 2013. 8:49am

deer mogie are yoo a life? pleased ? this iz a very serious exchange and we must make connection love tea

Terence, Im a student in applied arts and I want to do work expericence with you! How can I contact you? Charlotte

13 Dec, 2012. 5:00am

terrence what is what

12 Dec, 2012. 1:39am

dear, My name is Rafal Korczynski, i m Editor-In-Chief of Stage Fashion Magazine. www.stagefashionmagazine.com I am writing to you about the interview with Terence Koh It will be publish in the 6th issue of SFM, in the end of December. It is a 8 pages publication, text - answers on 12 questions, 5 pictures with one auto-photo-portrait of It will be the only one fashion interview it this issue. Because of the distance i d love to do this interview via e-mail. I could send the questions in english. This interview is realy important for me because Terence Koh work is realy close to my heart. Looking forward to hear from you, best, ________Rafal Korczynski rk@stagefashionmagazine.com

27 Nov, 2012. 6:27am

terence its me. holland art girl. what does it mean; you place my comment but do not give advice.... oh oh oh what to do what to do

16 Nov, 2012. 5:34pm

deer holland art girl i am already on nothingtoodoo its there oo tea 23 nov 12.

terence saturday is this art try out where i have the chance to join a great collective. ive never want something so bad in my life but i fear i am not good enough. what can i do? sprinkle some white magic upon me please oh and i have no idea how to make a spacecake but promised to do so loves from holland

13 Nov, 2012. 2:45pm

no more kohnotes for sale?

4 Nov, 2012. 8:48pm

deer ? yes! good sale still. please enquire with sean kelly gallery or thaddaeus ropac gallery. yes good. tank yoo terence 05 nov 12. 9:58pm now at www.nothingtoodoo.com

I'm fine.

4 Nov, 2012. 1:14am

What do you think about love?

3 Nov, 2012. 3:19am

Terence...my name is Terence too I've talked to u on facebook book i need advice with the general direction of my life

25 Oct, 2012. 4:58pm

deer terence right now i am reading krishnamurti we can read it together love terence 26 oct 12. 11:26am

I think you are more magical than unicorns and the way my orange skirt drapes over the white frame of my bed. My favourite food is tomatoes; if you were to come to New Zealand, I would share tomatoes with you and give you more than my share. Honestly, you're my muse and I'm sad that you have decided to finish your series of deer diary entries. It is the end of something beautiful.

24 Oct, 2012. 10:58pm

good morning new zealand unicorn frame its blushes its blushes i will start again no woories deer diarys on www.nothingtoodoo.com very soon butter than ever promise love terence 25 oct 12. 5:43am

if you are from cacanada why dont you visit sometimes cacanada so we can play?

24 Oct, 2012. 12:20am

theres blue honey dripping and it tastes like what i dreamt you taste like and now its all i know

21 Oct, 2012. 6:11pm

deer ? its bleu as a dream as a tear as a way we are together loove terence 22 oct 12. 11:22pm ps. this iz my last reply on this web site. write again at www.nothingtoodoo.com

Little little little . . . BIG BIG BIG! Jump . . . SLEEP

21 Oct, 2012. 4:06am

im so sad

18 Oct, 2012. 4:53pm

deer ? yoo have to tell me everyting pleased. oo tea 18 oct 12. 6:01pm

Hey TK -- We love you! We have the piece (tail) that you venerated at ArtMetropole in Toronto. We have been at lots of performances,and we have a few pieces from the Peres Projects days down in China Town LA. Our birthdays are November 4 and November 19. Can I arrange a special Koh Note for us? Mu husband would love it. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

10 Oct, 2012. 3:06am

deer ? i love yoo too two i have tried to make special koh notes before and they donut work at all i don't tink i work very well on commision even though i want to make yoo happy kohnotes are done just naturually and when i tink i am making them foo someone i just freeze and make naughty kohnotes i am knot selling them on the web again very soon so pleased get yours before everyting "knot for sale" love tea 12 oct 12. 11:16am

dance with mee

8 Oct, 2012. 7:08am

deer ? we can dance this morning till our feet are soul meet me later to dance tonite till our knees no longer bones but caves and caves and caves oo tea 08 oct 12. 10:50am

i love how everybody here is anonymous and white and full of hidden poetry and a little bit of sadness i want to write all of you lavender letters this is a club indeed

7 Oct, 2012. 6:32am

soo.. who copped your shiit?

7 Oct, 2012. 12:18am

deer terence your sweater was beige not white i am still sad

5 Oct, 2012. 4:38pm

deer ? i only wear snow white sometimes people pee in snow with a light pee so its snow pee white this way yoo can't bee sad love tea 06 oct 12. 1:19pm

deer terence: y whyte? i meen it is a nyce culor n all bt y not green or bloo? M

2 Oct, 2012. 8:29pm

deer M bloo i like when iz light but lightest yoo know yoo sea iz whyte it iz the color of training bee careful oo terence 03 oct 12. 9:40pm

i want to have fun.

30 Sep, 2012. 7:47am

koh bunny! do you know of Chicago? and would you allow and interview? However, I am sure you are busy Koh

27 Sep, 2012. 10:38am

deer ? i have used to live in chicago brrrrrrrr a cold city with hot heart buns right now i can knot interview i am preparing foo a journey into itself when i wake up again, perhaps a tat in chic o certain oo tea 01 oct 12. 10:37pm

Skeleton leaped and dug his claws in my butt when I turned my back on him. Why?

25 Sep, 2012. 3:28pm

deer ? i tink it was the "the" oo, tea 30 sep 12. 4:19am

The innocence of a glass of water turned into a storm over a persian carpet

24 Sep, 2012. 10:26am

Sometimes when i see objects i hear it's thoughts but when i close my eyes i dont understand, what about u? N

19 Sep, 2012. 10:14am

deer N this iz a sooper special question its very inside when yoo hear the sound inside, the thoughts are partial closed when yoo sea the sound inside, the thoughts are open and blind oo tea 21 sep 12. 9:11am

How far do you want to put it in your ass?

17 Sep, 2012. 5:19pm

deer ? i wood say i use to have it very far up my ass but now that i have taken a vow of celibacy knot so much any more tank yoo foo tinking about it, its a good memory oo terence 18 sep 12. 9:46am

sometimes a couple of bloody boogers will do the trick! ek ekk ekk

17 Sep, 2012. 1:45pm

terence i am stuck in paté :( how do i get out?

16 Sep, 2012. 10:24pm

deer ? possible to replace with vegetarian paté possible to doo that its easier to get out yoo can sea the light of the lamp love terence 18 sep 12. 6:46am.

Cruise or be cruised ,(Terence Koh, Salvador Cidrás, Kirstine Roepstorff,Dean Sameshima & Silvia Prada. curated by Dean Sameshima, Galería Casado Santapau , Madrid. 05/01/2011- 25/02/2011.

15 Sep, 2012. 7:59am

Arg haaaaa

13 Sep, 2012. 7:18am

i think you are very handsome.. when i look at pictures of you, i contemplate shaving my head and starting it all over again.. i hope this finds you well..

12 Sep, 2012. 7:40pm

deer ? i am well i am blush now like winter gourd start over again, that's a good way love terence 15 sep 12. 11:26am

mister koh, i lost myself in this blog, more than a blog, a new city with lovely surprises at every streets

12 Sep, 2012. 12:58pm

deer ? : O : - ) oo, mister koh 15 sep 12. 11:16am


11 Sep, 2012. 10:49pm

Say the magic words

10 Sep, 2012. 4:55pm

deer ? no magik in me but piano tunes love, terence 12 sep 12. 11:37pm

Well, Hope Is Totally Everrated

10 Sep, 2012. 4:46pm

deer ? i donut really want to speak anymore oo, tea 12 sep 12. 1:15am


8 Sep, 2012. 9:08pm

it will be ok while peeple still talk too yoo too me too us i could fall asleep with the television on because then peeple are still talking

8 Sep, 2012. 5:02pm

deer ? i can talk too yoo too in t v scope oo, tea 09 sep 12. nyc. 10:42am

framing in yellow smell of cheap lavender reframe in white air conditioners constant buzz

8 Sep, 2012. 12:12pm

deer ? tank yoo kind its a great sundae read poem love terence 09 sep 12. 10:45am. nyc.

hard to do things.

6 Sep, 2012. 12:24am

deer ? its hard to doo almost there oo tea 09 sep 12. 10:43am.

I have no clue how I found myself here.

5 Sep, 2012. 11:32am

pertaining to desire reckless confidence with intimacy synchronous blending dead in shallow water it might be so across the vast stretch everything r. a d

22 Aug, 2012. 9:15pm

"Za Za Zigs" he drew all the way up her spine "moof moof moof" cutting at the ax of a candle-mind (I push my pinkies with a bald fist like lil phun animales) TINK TINK TINK The choreography of armpits The lost piece of pimple The walking on fingers space *Le forget Le forget they'll mutter

22 Aug, 2012. 9:59am

dont leave him.

20 Aug, 2012. 8:24pm

Dear Terence, the white Birkin you decorated w/ Gaga is a masterpiece, and I cry every night because it's art and poetry I will never touch, just dream of. xoxo -SAINTDADA

19 Aug, 2012. 6:02pm

Terence Koh, I am your fan in Japan. Love your work! Peace. Cecilia Gault

18 Aug, 2012. 7:23pm

deer cecilia tank yoo i love japan, second favorite after new york love tea-san 24 aug 12. 10:55am

you are canadian, i did not know.

18 Aug, 2012. 11:02am

which songs yoo play on piano? maybe i must paint my piano white too i stalk yoo hihi

14 Aug, 2012. 10:50am

deer hihi where yoo stalk me? i only know how to play ave maria by bach on my piano white yes paint it oo tea 24 aug 12. 10:54am

hi all peepool in koh club we swim like koi fish in white waters together anonymous full poetry hello who are yoo?

14 Aug, 2012. 10:47am

deer ? hoo are all of yoo too ? oo tea ? 24 aug 12. 10:29am

Dear Terence, No means everything and yes but sometimes not. Agreed? Best Wishes, D

13 Aug, 2012. 11:14pm

deer D sometimes i mean to no but than i no than when i yes i also knot love terence 24 aug 12. 10:28am

Deer Terence, Did you see my show in San Francisco? Do you know Heimo Zobering? Do you try to make a sculpture with fang? Greetings

13 Aug, 2012. 5:32am

Suddenly, a dawning of daunting feeling, the circling becomes never-ceasing fear, irrational, grips. stifling feelings, drained and drowsy The rounds are binding I am bound to regret Perhaps. stuck stuck stuck.

12 Aug, 2012. 5:48am

deer ? i sense entrapment in yoo and need to come out up its up that iz the way to go down promises more safety and only tangibly so up, not necessary towards the sunlight but up in nature i tink yoo are like a oak seed and there iz there love terence 12 aug 12. 11:39am.

I have fallen in love with you

10 Aug, 2012. 1:42am

deer ? may i know your name secret lover so knot so secret anymore that love may grow insane love terence 10 aug 12. nyc. 8:05am

in your bright bedroom facing the window lay your organs on the pillow i love the way green rests white and mutes the drilling into space its okey to be a lil funni & a lil sexual play with those thingies against the pillow's softness I a funny smile that tap your shouldie & unzips *Pon poof pon poof they'll say

9 Aug, 2012. 12:42pm

deer ? yoo are the secret god that visits sleeps where the inside of me lays outside of me to rest and yoo protect me two? oo tea 10 aug 12. nyc. 8:04am

looking at your self portrait... wish i could burry my face in your pubic hair

7 Aug, 2012. 1:12am

Deer Terence no it's not my name im just from serbia,my name is Sasa Pavlovic,Im just young man who love your and Marina's work.Keep goin' like that. ;)

2 Aug, 2012. 1:15pm

deer sasa o ok, i thought yoo were dee whole country of serbia talking too mee. now i keep goin' too. o ok, tea 04 aug 12. 8:51am.

Deer Terence it's Serbian again, just good wishes to u.

1 Aug, 2012. 1:54pm

deer serbian pleased are yoo serbian or name iz or are yoo the country itself talks? oo tea 02 aug 12. nyc.

1 Aug, 2012. 10:11am

holiday sux

28 Jul, 2012. 8:58pm

deer terence doo yoo have potato? sincerely, ethan from sweden

28 Jul, 2012. 8:50am

deer ethan sir no potatoe have pea-chup oo terence 28 jul 12. 1:47pm

for yoo: http://bulletproofyouth.blogspot.nl/2012/07/outfit-white.html

24 Jul, 2012. 4:46am

deer pretty white jade girl from rotterdamn tank yoo a very oo outfit in all whiteness indeed i tink of yoo and tink of yoo in rotterdamn in yo world in yo shop in yo thoughts and i tink we tink tink oo tea 24 jul 12. 8:32pm.

can i be yoor white princess? or yoor white pet-girl. why white?

22 Jul, 2012. 3:33pm

deer ? yes pleased. a white princess yoo can bee foo the world. but knot a pet. all equal in time. white because it symbolize that i am a student still. still, terence 23 jul 12. 9:54pm

Oh my god,u are so inspiration to me.If u evet come to Serbia i would love to meet you.

22 Jul, 2012. 2:08pm

deer serbian yes pleased. i never touch serbian bee fore two. oo tea 23 jul 12. 9:52pm

missin' yoo here

5 Jul, 2012. 10:19am

deer ? tank yoo foo miss mee it helps tooth oo, tea 14 jul 12. 6:58pm. belgium


2 Jul, 2012. 6:01pm

what to do in the summer..........?

28 Jun, 2012. 5:25pm

deer ? i tink that eating vegan peekatoe crabs iz a good summer dae adventure at night, left over lettuce breaths are nice too with love from berlin oo tea 10 jul 12. 11:06am berlin

Dear Terence I hope your stay in Europe was great. Love, as always. W (and the white stuffed bunny)

27 Jun, 2012. 9:47pm

deer W am still in europa and two carrot soup oo, terence 14 jul 12. 6:18pm belgium

Mexico. Pray for Mexico. Dear T. E.

27 Jun, 2012. 1:11am


26 Jun, 2012. 1:56am

deer A the field full of smoke and truth love, tea 12 jul 12. 8:11am somerset, england.

dear terence, who are some of your favorite artists? - savannah

25 Jun, 2012. 5:09pm

where r'oo?

23 Jun, 2012. 3:41pm

deer ? i type this blind in bratislava and know knot fears in my eyes oo tea 05 jul 12. 9:45am bratislava

Tank you for your art!

20 Jun, 2012. 7:45pm

we come up with a question we try to get an answer we get the answer we're still not happy we realize we're unhappy we come up with a question hmmmm?

19 Jun, 2012. 1:30pm

deer hmmmm? yoo have good twist keep it up and keep it down keep it twist and keep it true unhappy oo's tea 15 jul 12. 12:45pm. london

I go to art school. But I have trouble speaking to the people at openings, and saying the things that make them help me. I don't really know how to be comfortable with everything. Its all a bit silly. I like art. -SH

16 Jun, 2012. 7:07am

deer SH pleased which art skool doo yoo goo too can i come visit one dae i wood like to sea what art skool iz like i never went and foo me its good nothing iz comfortable like that it makes yoo more a cute oo terence 15 jul 12. 12:43pm. london.

tea, did u ever find an assistant? emm

14 Jun, 2012. 3:37pm

deer emm no knot yet till dawn helped, tea 06 jul 12. 1:26am london

deer terence long time no c how r u?? there r some of your works in basel? a few days ago i met francesco vezzoli n he is very charming.. hope one day i will meet u tooooooooooooo tan milan

13 Jun, 2012. 6:09pm

terence, i wanted to ask about your experience at emily carr. what did you study? would you recommend it? i vant to study in nyc but i cannot afford it. how did you make the move to nyc after graduation? (did you have a job set up, or how did you get citizenship?) cheers, a big fan, cole

12 Jun, 2012. 4:49pm

deer cole i am about to take off on a plane but i try in timid faster steps to answer your questions i studied graphic design at emily carr and i always recommend everyting now i tink yoo can study in new york, a book in a park and your eye on the fence i wondered around nyc on my own and through many stories, some difficult, some quiet, some meandering, i am able to live where i am now with baby feelings my plane calls a bit scared but writing yoo and hearing foam yoo helps a bit tea 12 jun 12. 5:38pm

terence, i saw a photo of you holding a cat and before i knew who you were and i knew you were a peaceful man. hello terence! i see you now

12 Jun, 2012. 12:35am

deer ? tank yoo foo seaing me now oo, terence 12 jun 12. 10:14am

Make some art objects. Get famous - [personal mythology?] Get money. Get happy. dieeeeee? x

11 Jun, 2012. 8:52am

Once there was a performance artist named Hans, and for a performance he said he would give a million dollars to anyone who killed him. Mostly he wanted a young girl named Mary to do it. Mary needed the money to pay for her sick grandma to get help. Does Mary kill Hans?

10 Jun, 2012. 1:53pm

deer tk. i am in love, i am sending everyone reading this wonderful thoughts becos everyone deserves too bee happy. xoxodb

10 Jun, 2012. 7:17am

I want to make some things, objects in the world and then i want people to look at these, things, that I made and i want them to tell me that they are good and then i want to feel happy that they said they were good. I'm going to try and do that. yep?

10 Jun, 2012. 5:55am

deer ? i tink that trying to pleased people someone told me artist shoodn't doo that but i woodn't know anyting about pleasings oo tea 10 jun 12. 10:44am

deer with it. oo oo oo oo

8 Jun, 2012. 11:36am

Dear Terence, I have a show coming up with all white paintings in it and how I would love for you, the queen and prince of white, to have a little poem in the bigining of the catalog I plan to make. How can I dream this into reality? Much love The sea Dancer

7 Jun, 2012. 11:08pm

deer The sea Dancer i am writing this with a thirst in my tongue but pleased include this letter if yoo may in the bigining of yo catalog because wit thirst in the morning, only than can one understand the beginnings of white paintings true and true love terence 10 jun 12. 10:43am

what is love? m.

6 Jun, 2012. 11:23am

deer m. yoo only know it when yoo know it its the basics oo tea 06 jun 12. 8:07pm

i like a boy whos really awkward and it probably would never work but i can't help but obsess over him

5 Jun, 2012. 9:20pm

deer ? i donut mean too bee an advice columnist but if its a really awkward boy than why can't yoo bee awkward obsess and use the new awkward techniques i keep on hearing like pretend he has disappeared into his own face and follow him foo seven blocks or visualize him eating noodles and then yoo can cook spaghetti with extra dry rosemary leafs following some of these awkward techniques yoo will attempt him into your mode oo tea 06 jun 12. 8:06pm

how can I bee?

5 Jun, 2012. 3:04am

deer ? i wood knot know how to answer this even now oo tea 05 jun 12. 10:10am

Hello, Terence. My first friend was a white stuffed bunny. He was given to me while I was still at the nursery. Yesterday, I found a picture of me and him, at the beginning. It felt strange, but lovely. xo W.

4 Jun, 2012. 6:32pm

deer W tank yoo foo bring us all back to time and take time to share powerful story wit me and us i doo believe he was your first friend and also too become first again as well during the next two ear oo tea 04 jun 12. 7:09pm ps. also i doo believe that yoo are very strange and lovely.

Is white everything or nothing? Light or Color? DeEr

3 Jun, 2012. 10:44am

deer DeEr nothing color oo tea 04 jun 12. 7:08pm

our streams of consciousness bewilder me sometimes

2 Jun, 2012. 4:22pm

deer ? oo oo oo oo oo, tea 04 jun 12. 6:52pm

Hwllo T!

2 Jun, 2012. 4:04pm

Im lonely, and a bit.

1 Jun, 2012. 8:21am

deer ? beeing lonely can bee like beeing a bee stuck inside a petal your body can beecome berry small and your world collaspses into the vein of the flower and there iz a lot of pain beeing lonely, and a bit yoo become juice the flower that iz good oo terence 04 jun 12. 10:59pm

deer! http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3h4w6SkD91qm0mjfo1_500.jpg

31 May, 2012. 4:32pm

deer ? tank yoo deer oo, tea 31 may 12. 5:06pm


31 May, 2012. 12:53pm

sonnenstern is a faboulous german outsider artist as you may already know end you too jj

31 May, 2012. 3:08am

deer jj on to sea? he iz fab now 2 out. oo, tea 31 may 12. 10:36am

What is the white in white dear Koh?

29 May, 2012. 7:55pm

deer ? there iz no tear listen to the wind of my father include drawing i will make of my father fucking my mother cuming inside her to make me love terence 31 may 12. 3:28am

i'm thinking about writing a series of 'for dummies' books. titles appeared in my mind include 'how to exist for dummies' and 'how to go insane for dummies' except i don't really know a lot on the subjects could you help?

29 May, 2012. 1:37pm

deer ? i wonton bee of smuch help wonton weekend packing love tea 31 may 12. 3:30am


29 May, 2012. 9:58am

Painting is dumbb.

26 May, 2012. 6:21am


24 May, 2012. 1:08pm

deer percy oo oo, tea 26 may 12. 1:18pm

You are so freakin weird, i adore you. sasia

21 May, 2012. 11:06pm

deer sasia me happy me zappy now :P ooompa oooopmm love too yoo foo eternity sasia yoo say, tea 24 may 12. 9:43pm

koh, For the 'deer' section, you should have a previous / next so that we can go through each one instead of having to return back to the the deer page every time... just some friendly feedback tanks

21 May, 2012. 9:31pm

deer ? that's really good information i sat there looking at the deer page myself to figure how too doo it so its clean want yoo pleased to tink i am clean let me pass it on to my tech department they are wizz cream love terence 24 may 12. 9:35pm

lurv the margiela shoez

20 May, 2012. 8:07pm

deer ? it will have toe foo us two : 0 oo tea 24 may 12. 12:59am

terence, how can i help myself commit to my art? i feel so close, but so far. rusty

20 May, 2012. 3:47pm

deer rusty to commit yourself to art iz really difficult i must say usually i just want to cozy in bed all day cause there iz no artist principal to tell yoo have to show up or doo this or doo that an artist means yoo have total freedom but also total power and also total laziness what i mean iz i am really total lazy and i donut know how to commit to my own art so i can knot know how help hope ok pleased forgive me foo my lazy love terence 24 may 12. 9:42pm


19 May, 2012. 10:29pm

let me matter

18 May, 2012. 8:49am

deer ? i can knot doo that if yoo donut leaf a name oo, tea 22 may 12. 7:15am

how can I draw crystals? floating crystal castles

17 May, 2012. 2:52pm

deer floating crystal castles to draw crystals yoo have to follow the magnetic fields of earth loose all your material possessions and if possible even all your mental possessions and travel the world by walking and following the earth magnetic fields yoo are the pencil oo terence 24 may 12. 7:01am

How did you make it to break into the art business? Your first time on a gallery. Any tips? I've been trying for more than two years now... love, Paola Ines

17 May, 2012. 11:07am

deer paola ines yoo know i always say i want to one dae teach a course called "how to make it in the art world without having sucked a single cock" maybe it will knot show much lets sea i doo know its like almost ridiculous the pou pou art world how yoo make it into the "club" and then even when yoo get in there are different levels and heights of the club and most people are all foo foo poo poo even though some give appearance of like street to blue tortilla chips ok so i just described what i tink its like inside but how one gets in i don't know i dont tink its persistence but perhaps a true heart? love terence 22 may 12. 7:19am

are you happy? Soo

17 May, 2012. 8:49am

deer Soo in generally no one wood tink looking from outside i wood bee i have a perfect job where my job iz to just create dreams and i can make money from that even and more and i have a perfect and kind and caring and beautiful husband two sooper caring gentle cats that we all sleep together on the same bed every night cuddling and i have a really beautiful apartment and a surreal all white studio but to bee honest i tell yoo generally no i tink its as studied some people have a tendency, it iz said 50% genetic to happiness , 10% uncontrolled circustance and the rest 40% is the decisions yoo make and i believe i was born just too bee melancholic and a bit depressed and a bit into tinking of tears and than the choices i make i still can't figure out yet how too bee happy though i wood like to bee more really this iz my honest answer if yoo look at pictures of me and look at my eyes i tink yoo can tell there iz lots of sadness in there love terence 22 may 12. 6:55am

dear terence, recently, i wore an all white dress (from creatures of the wind's s/s 2012 collection) to an important event in my life. i wore it for you. i hope you thought i looked pretty. love, m* p.s. i didn't wear white shoes

16 May, 2012. 2:17pm

deer m* the only way that can exist iz that yoo were extraordinary pretty. yoo have taken the time to write it down hear and it can only exist therefore because yoo had the conviction of feel it. i respect that and i salute yoo unwhite shoo wearer even. oo tea 22 may 12. 6:35am

you once told me you would take my call if you became famous......is this true? Quinlan

15 May, 2012. 12:32pm

deer Quinlan i can knot remember if yoo are right pleased except my sincere apologies these days i am too shy to o even o step outside my home and talking on pone will really scare me blessed too yoo : ) love tea 22 may 12. 7:22am

do you believe in meditation -chris k

11 May, 2012. 2:48pm

deer chris k yes if yoo can learn it i trust its a great ting oo, tea 22 may 12. 7:20am

do we have to fall into a rabbit hole to reach wonderland?

11 May, 2012. 2:39pm

deer ? there are many ways to reach wonderland falling down a rabbit hole wood probably bee the most pleasant way i wood like to fall down wit yoo if yoo invite me love tea 22 may 12. 6:50am

What is your favorite art movement?

11 May, 2012. 2:37pm

deer ? it wood bee right now when we have no movement. oo, tea 22 may 12. 6:31am

Hi, I'm Percy from Peru again. I accept, i want you to be my slave when you come to Peru. Please, hurry! xoxo

11 May, 2012. 2:04pm

deer percy i will doo my best to come soon i want to doo everyting to make yoo happy whatever yoo want i am yours completely in peru oo terence your personal slave 13 may 12. 12:16pm

If you could, would you? -Spencer.

11 May, 2012. 8:05am

do u like white rose ? have u try white rose perfume ? i want to make it for u . DS

11 May, 2012. 1:35am

deer DS i love snow white roses just as they are slightly about to die i have knot tried white rose perfume can it bee white roses but all the petals have fallen off perfume? whitely terence 13 may 12. 10:13am

how do you become an artist? how do you became an artist?

10 May, 2012. 11:30am

deer ? its 6:22am and i am sitting in middle of my empty living room and the windows are very tall and the street outside iz quiet empty and a bit wet and i tink of yo questions a lot foo the last two weeks and i coodnt answer and then because now i have big back log now i sea that the answer lies in that yoo ask twice so i became an artist because i taught i was born an artist. and then the second time because i was an artist already. i doo tink i am failure of artist. everybody i am stressed people doo knot take me seriously. or that i am like top top dollar artist. or that i am knot the pure artist i always aim too bee. blah blah blah. the usual artist tinks. so in the end i am became an artist because. tank yoo. love terence 22 may 12. 6:30am

Do you have any tips for over coming shyness and social anxiety? Thanks, J.

10 May, 2012. 1:17am

deer J i used to take a lot of cocaine just to even go out my front door because i feel i am delibatingly shy but i realized that actually makes everyting more scared so i tried smoking weed but than it made me one to eat all the ho'orduve tings at parties and i got a bit fat in the face than i tried oxycotin which iz obviously a bliss at public events but i was become more and more like a robot on it foo me, to be real artist i want to have cliche of having my real feelings so now i am just shy i tell myself i can knot help it and now stay at home as much as possible i recommend yoo stay at home too as much as possible because than yoo can bee just shy wit your self at home and no social anxiety love terence 10 may 12. 1:18pm

Is it better for one to be scared of life or to be scarred by life?

9 May, 2012. 2:08pm

deer ? definitely scared of life oo, tea 10 may 12. 9:35am

first i entered asianpunkboy.com after that i began to write a diary in a google document file now i'm signing a guestbook

8 May, 2012. 6:03pm

deer ? tank yoo kindly foo signing dee guest we are inside now too wit yoo i am happy yoo make really happy with love terence 08 may 12. 6:22pm

vhcdwauceao fdfaoi

8 May, 2012. 6:12pm

Where is nowhere? Can you draw a map for me?

6 May, 2012. 5:03pm

deer ? nowhere iz foo yoo and when to draw iz now o== true t oo tea 08 may 12. 6:17pm

are you okay? please have a good day -264444

6 May, 2012. 2:16am

deer 264444 from a name like yoors i find it safer to knot say just yet still i bid yoo a good afternoon oo tea 07 may 12. 1:31pm

daddy koh, my birthday was yesterday.

5 May, 2012. 10:54pm

deer son a bee lated birth dae bones too yoo an old poe yoo are now oo t 07 may 12. 1:13pm

Hi, I'm I.R. Could Passion Burn?

5 May, 2012. 10:43pm

deer I.R. passion iz full of holes flames don't go through loops in my mind thus passion can knot burn love terence 08 may 12. 5:29pm

i want to be ur white intern to whiten things but i have only black paint love, g

4 May, 2012. 3:07pm

deer g well what else iz there left too doo oo, t 05 may 12. 8:46am


4 May, 2012. 11:56am


3 May, 2012. 7:40pm

I am writing papers about ANT and Verses

3 May, 2012. 7:35pm

deer ? wood it bee praying ants i wonder if god has ants in his pocket love tea 03 may 12. 11:35pm

mir Tk, lets make a muvment Gehy Punck, peen out, In ya fac, Fuck art Unicorn on Buunnie penitration. xx learOi

3 May, 2012. 10:07am

hihi tk hu iz livin in my hart? iz it a dear or a beer or a small elf? i ask yoo becos yoo are gud at dis. lovelovinlovebunigurlxx

2 May, 2012. 12:01am

Hi I am an alien

1 May, 2012. 1:15pm

deer alien wood like to sleep wit yoo oo tea 03 may 12. 11:37pm

You remind me of the cover of Die Antwoord's newest album, except then absurd instead of just rude. Do you look white more or black?

30 Apr, 2012. 5:17pm

deer ? i would look more seed color trying too bee more like the apple so that there iz a field oo tea 03 may 12. 11:36pm

tk, wo xiang yao jiao ni tan piano. Han

29 Apr, 2012. 12:46am

ah young ha sa young

25 Apr, 2012. 10:01pm

uu aar da one da one fo da fockin so wat we shud hav white brfead and white tea wid die antwoord clara?

25 Apr, 2012. 11:12am

deer clara? white bread soaked in white tea we can rap unlike die so that noting but ant wood oo tea 28 apr 12. 9:25am [hong kong time]

du yoo like rachel ray? x

25 Apr, 2012. 12:37am

I'm in love with you. Please, would you let me be your slave? Percy from Lima - Peru

24 Apr, 2012. 6:23pm

deer percy reading this i admit i blushed a little pink i usually prefer to bee the slave instead i have never been to peru before, but when i doo can i serve yoo? i would like to make yoo berry happy and satisfied sincerely terence 28 apr 12. 9:23am [hong kong time]

Can you rape me? please Thank You.

24 Apr, 2012. 6:16pm

I'm moving to new york. Im scared. -kiddeo

24 Apr, 2012. 3:27pm

deer kideeo when i first moved to new york i was very scared too it iz scared good because it makes yoo tender love tea 28 apr 12. 10:43pm [hong kong time]

What do you think of Lyndon Johnson?

23 Apr, 2012. 9:55pm

deer ? i had to find out hoo lyndon johnson was knowing not of history i lay down he was responsible foo many soldiers and in death and also reforms two don't equal each other oo tea 28 apr 12. 9:28am [hong kong time]

tk, i wood lik tu jiao ni piano or b an intern baht i tink am nt gould enoph ,sc

23 Apr, 2012. 5:41pm

deer sc enoph pea in a soup iz also good tank yoo oo, t 28 apr 12. 10:30pm [hong kong time]

deer tk, i tink rabbit hopd one two menny tyms. don chu? trtlz can walk furevr. boozl

23 Apr, 2012. 5:35pm

deer boozl wat iz a tyms i really want to know it rhymes like time so a turtle walks slow to eternity love tea 28 apr 12. 10:10pm [hong kong time]

moon. how to go there? dima

23 Apr, 2012. 3:49pm

deer dima your finger. just point. choose a moon finger, that iz the key. oo terence 23 apr 12. 7:25pm

hi. yoo are rully nice and make rull kul art and i like it. yea. x

23 Apr, 2012. 4:44am

deer x tank yoo i bet yoo rully mo : P oo terence 23 apr 12. 7:24pm

hai, tel me tk hu r dem men hu liv in my luv? r dey gud men, or wil dey jus take tha sky frm ma eyz an leaf me a lone wof in ma haus? i want tu luv dem butt am unsur. plz hlp tk. kizes frm bunigurl xxxxxx

21 Apr, 2012. 6:09am

deer bunigurl tha sky foam yo eyz those are the men that steal diamonds from inside hearts i tink that yoo shood take tha sky foam all eyz this way its a sure way love tk 21 apr 12. 12:58pm

are you single? xo Matthew

20 Apr, 2012. 12:56pm

deer matthew i am one. i like to take long walks on the beach by sunset. send love letters to : tk@terencekoh.com oo tea 20 apr 12. 2:47pm

my name is wanggeng,i want to join your work 691831810@qq.com

20 Apr, 2012. 2:31am


20 Apr, 2012. 1:46am

the bacon should stay home

19 Apr, 2012. 7:42pm

i just ordered a drawing with paypal and after transaction was done i noticed that the shipping adress was incorrect please contact me or tell me how to contact you?

19 Apr, 2012. 10:55am


great art! i posted and sourced some of your things on my tumblr. loss-of-control.tumblr. hope you dont mind

14 Apr, 2012. 2:29pm

deer ? no mind no mind tank yoo tea 14 apr 12. 6:25pm


13 Apr, 2012. 7:24am


11 Apr, 2012. 10:10am

deer ô_Ô ∞ ∆∆∆ •º–º– ˙˙˙˚∆˙ ∆˙˙ oo t 12 apr 12. 11:18am

white switch in the piece of a corner turnes on the smile. good day

11 Apr, 2012. 10:05am

deer good day i like your name it makes my day with a name like that it makes everybody turn on smile two good morning 12 apr 12. 9:37am

my comments went away

11 Apr, 2012. 9:32am

deer ? a bunny gremlin stolen it silent? wasn't any babie hear oo t 12 apr 12. 9:35am

it's only fun when they kiss above your ass cheeks when he's finished. then i always want it again an hour later.

11 Apr, 2012. 9:29am

deer ? this iz a very sexi-romantico thought indeed everybody shood always kiss on ass after finito now oo tea 11 apr 12. 2:26pm

god catalogue

10 Apr, 2012. 7:14am

how can i please to honor you?

9 Apr, 2012. 5:48pm

deer ? wit truth wit goodness wit beauty oo t 09 apr 12. 10:45pm

buona pasqua milan tan

7 Apr, 2012. 6:03pm

deer milan tan 复活节快乐 two with pea, tea 10 apr 12. 9:06am


7 Apr, 2012. 5:19pm

yoo raincoat in the summer street made me smile

7 Apr, 2012. 5:00pm

deer ? tank yoo foo rain on sundae oo, tea 09 apr 12. 12:43pm


6 Apr, 2012. 8:43am

bee mee

3 Apr, 2012. 11:52am

deer bee mee it iz a pleasure to hear foam yoo yoo make mee happy bee mee yoo have a gentle disposition and yoo make me calm love terence 03 apr 12. 7:50pm


2 Apr, 2012. 1:37pm


2 Apr, 2012. 12:34pm

heelo two two yoo loo, too tea 02 apr 12. 2:22pm

2 t bats and roses fall, blue lights fill the cold sky at last my heart burns luv very sure about things

23 Mar, 2012. 1:55pm

deer ? too fall too winds that too too little monkey wipes oo t 23 mar 12. 9:02pm

que tan mal hueles?

23 Mar, 2012. 2:44am

deer ? man tan que quel mal tulles oo, t 23 mar 12. 10:17am


18 Mar, 2012. 6:07pm

who would ahh ya tunk

18 Mar, 2012. 12:33am


17 Mar, 2012. 4:27pm

today i awake from loving dolphins underwater to the sea breeze in my window, on an island and i am too far to see a shore. right now i find myself here, amusing by your tinkings

16 Mar, 2012. 8:30pm

deer ? no horizon no mind sunny island pecan mind love tea 20 mar 12. 10:39am

love your rabbit inside

13 Mar, 2012. 4:18pm

self to not-self terence to not-terence white bread to not-white bread

12 Mar, 2012. 8:18pm

Dearest Terence Koh, u r amazeng!!! i'm urs eternally in love!!! wishing u all the monies you need!!! ur great fan:ckmn ckmn

12 Mar, 2012. 6:58am

deer ckmn love for eternity iz that in the meaning ckmn? it iz also foo your wish a very good wish love tea 13 mar 12. 10:20am

i can't deal with dis any longer

11 Mar, 2012. 5:26pm

i will eat yoo koh

10 Mar, 2012. 11:41am

deer ? pleased help mee oo, t 14 mar 12. 10:02am

wer we at paradice? from a cup

10 Mar, 2012. 2:07am

so weird we all live in the same village but never say hello. Hello, i am a villager too, may we village together?

9 Mar, 2012. 3:16pm

deer ? can we goo on blind date tk@terencekoh.com no sight oo tea 10 mar 12. 10:31am

Why didn't I tink of dat?

7 Mar, 2012. 11:06pm

youtube.com/ninasimonekissbreath hello!

7 Mar, 2012. 7:34pm

someday I will order the koh tinker. it is very beautiful, as are you.

7 Mar, 2012. 12:39am

deer j tank yoo foo these beautiful words and good to sea yoo in the evening light oo t

"i tink its ok to post cute pictures of my cute kat and me wit celebrities or what knot but i wood like to sea if we can use all this technologies we have to jump into understanding the nature of human existence now and reflect it through i point" from terence facebook says sean from taipei

3 Mar, 2012. 11:44am

deer sean that was fastest we move too fast i tink mostly slow types tank yoo tea 03 mar 12. 11:54am

bunnies and kittens

29 Feb, 2012. 11:04am

deer ? kittens in bunnies love, tea 29 feb 12. 12:59pm

hi tiktok, no, we dont like boys. we like pretty girls! woot woot! we just wanted to make art with u. guess we'll have to get used to that in the art world tho (sigh) best j o e

28 Feb, 2012. 8:28pm

oh my

28 Feb, 2012. 4:39pm

hello hello!

28 Feb, 2012. 4:18pm

deer hello! hello hello oo, tea 03 mar 12. 11:53am

hi tiktok, a friend and me once tried getting an internship from u. u started hitting on us and we stopped talking... i also saw u at the moma screening of holy mountain with willem dafoe! neat! best j o e

27 Feb, 2012. 9:17pm

deer j o e me don't understand if i hit on yoos dont yoo talk more? sincerely, tik tok 28 feb 12. 10:39am

When I see your work. It make me laugh. It make me smile. It make me tink. Tanks! Tanks!! Tanks!!!

22 Feb, 2012. 8:48pm

deer ? tis makes me smile and laugh and tink. tank yoo, dee tinker koh 23 feb 12. 5:22pm

Dear Terence, Keep on making people happy! - JDC

21 Feb, 2012. 12:59pm

deer JDC this really helps. going on some time difficult tear. tanks, tea 21 feb 12. 7:32pm.

bunny 2 bunny xo

20 Feb, 2012. 12:09pm

deer bunny turnip good in sun todae love, kohbunny. 20 feb 12. 4:41pm


20 Feb, 2012. 10:09am


18 Feb, 2012. 1:46pm

Dear terence, I buy a piano.... Best Thomas

18 Feb, 2012. 3:54am

deer thomas a table lamp foo the piano must? oo, terence

When does the romance begin?

16 Feb, 2012. 2:53pm

deer ? its find me ? hear ? oo ? t ? 17 feb 12. 8:30am ?

¥€$, from Hamburg

15 Feb, 2012. 11:03pm

dear terence ¥€$, we loooove u. Best thomas

15 Feb, 2012. 8:14pm

deer thomas money in all currencies iz a belive in total welcomeness tank yoo oo terence 16 feb 12. 9:34am


15 Feb, 2012. 9:44am


13 Feb, 2012. 5:23pm

deer booom a happy val e ntine dae too yoo too ooom, t oo k oo h 14 feb 12. 6:40pm

i <3 u tea bb <3 b

13 Feb, 2012. 10:54am

deer b i donut knows yoo but i will love thee two oo, tea

Herr Koh. Can you make an koh-atelier note for me? Sofus

11 Feb, 2012. 3:00pm

deer sofus kohnotes are made foo myself this iz the best way too doo them the only way too doo them when doo foo myself than they are foo everybody love tea 13 feb 12. 10:01am

hi, i wanna buy a note, they your most beautifull ones always sell out so fast. Sofus

11 Feb, 2012. 2:53pm

I luv all oof you I doo believe. -DMP

10 Feb, 2012. 2:41pm

deer dmp P O T A T O E love, t

Hi t, did u ever notice there is 1 person who gets all your notes? :( :(

9 Feb, 2012. 10:49pm

deer :( :( i have tried to allow democracy to rule with a white hand lets sea what happens next, i want to make everyone and yoo happy (don't bee sad sad) oo, tea 10 feb 12. 7:59am

I like you.

9 Feb, 2012. 7:17pm

deer ? don't torture me tk@terencekoh.com tell me tings oo t

I will make nothing better by crying I will make nothing worse by enjoying myself

8 Feb, 2012. 12:34am

smile club

tea party in T's hole POPPY CA

5 Feb, 2012. 12:33am

luv ya, JS.

4 Feb, 2012. 6:13pm

deer JS pleased write me tk@terencekoh.com people pleased send letter it sometimes nice i get berry bonesome oo tea

every so often i stumble across this site and am happy to play in your world

4 Feb, 2012. 1:01pm

im yuki contact me yukiitoda on my facebook

4 Feb, 2012. 9:42am

hello terence. of course we fucked. we fucked the whole night. we fucked so hard i passed out - and then we fucked again. so sad you don´t remember:/ already sent you an email with pix of my face ( and cock, that might ring a bell) hugs peter

4 Feb, 2012. 6:55am

deer peter o yes i doo remember yoo had big giant ding dong pleased don't bee sad bee happy yoo were once inside me and into and out of me in me the world now iz a beautiful night peter hugs back terence

when i look at your photos I immediately want to hug you :o

4 Feb, 2012. 3:37am

deer :o why yoo make mee so happie oo, tea


4 Feb, 2012. 2:28am

iz therr panick on th' streets uv whytness? liv 4 evr

4 Feb, 2012. 2:36am

deer liv 4 evr donut panick donut panik lets bee calm lets bee together feeling hole love tea 03 feb 12. 3:13am

sometimes things are crazy. other times, things are things and crazy is indicative of boring people. keep it real t.

4 Feb, 2012. 12:58am

i like when i see you buying organic food all dressed in white

3 Feb, 2012. 10:25pm

premium juice for permium people?

3 Feb, 2012. 6:17pm

deer ? its all in the peppermint love, tea 02 feb 12. 1:12pm

deer mr. koh bunny come to pratt please. there are many white tings and holes. tank you

3 Feb, 2012. 5:34pm

deer ? are there wonder boys gurl at pratt tank yoo, tea 03 feb 12. 1:12am

Dear Koh I want to sell you my soul because I need money to gamble and don't need soul at the casino. just 8888.88 for you because I say so. Lov from Portugal tc

3 Feb, 2012. 2:40pm

I'm 8

3 Feb, 2012. 2:31pm

deer 8 kids are fun when yoo are 9 remember 8 pleased love tea 02 feb 12. 3:16pm

i loV I lik I'm discovering I'm thinking, tryin to figure out.. BuT MOST OF ALL Terencekoh, you seem aMazinG! RoubiRoubiRoubi

2 Feb, 2012. 5:53pm

I wanna own you. x mm

2 Feb, 2012. 5:39pm

deer mm danger love, tea

where is you ...

2 Feb, 2012. 9:07am

i just remebered that night in your apartment in berlin about 5 years ago and got hard instantly.... peter

2 Feb, 2012. 1:22am

deer peter sir did you fuck me was my hole good i just counted i have been pie holed by 9 peters in my life which one are yoo tk@terencekoh.com sincerely terence 2 feb 12. 8:21am

France or Italy? Emanuel

1 Feb, 2012. 6:16am

deer emanuel i cannot choose a single point on our earth when there are so many holes in the world love terence 2 feb 12. 8:19am

Do you think I should buy a pair of Asics? Sofus

31 Jan, 2012. 2:47am

deer sofus i wood use the money and donate it to a cause yoo never heard of. don't try to make yourself happy sofus. oo, terence

Is it cold in New York now?

30 Jan, 2012. 5:13pm

deer ? i am always koh sometimes thats why they call me cold

Liz Taylor and Richard Burton were both better than you. But that's not really an insult, now is it. nicky ticky tembo

29 Jan, 2012. 12:14pm

Hello Terence Koh- I was just about to buy a shopping list from your shop, then stopped myself to question why I feel the need to own something that you have written on. Rather than question myself, I thought I'd just ask you. Do you know why? James Dean

29 Jan, 2012. 11:36am

i'm hungry i need the money to buy lunch toomoorow tanks james. love, terence


25 Jan, 2012. 9:32pm

The White Dragon brings you White love, White Happiness and White Fortune. Terence. You Simply. Are Are a vision. A Vision i Love so dearly. Keep it up. One day One day i will Intern for you. Mui22 Hong Kong

23 Jan, 2012. 9:25am

deer mui22 a very happy new ear too yoo and all too hong kong i will bee in late april two so there iz the light there only steamboat in the water as well tank yoo luv terence 25 jan 12. 12:31pm

happy chinese new year terence xxx angel chen (shanghai)

23 Jan, 2012. 9:18am

deer angel chen a happy water ear of the dragon too yoo there iz a dragon in your pussy too and it iz watery oo terence 28 jan 12. 3:39pm

happy chinese new year of the dragon terence from hong kong!

22 Jan, 2012. 7:34pm

鹿? 中國新耳朵功率是安靜的,現在,中國的領域是 空 愛 特倫斯

deer terence from moscow we are big fans!! c&eAO

22 Jan, 2012. 12:25pm

Путь России облако способ путь мира истинного товарища любовь, Теренс Кох


19 Jan, 2012. 2:01pm



18 Jan, 2012. 9:26pm

a a

Your Tour Has Ended. White can be transient. Will you help? It has to do with you. Yet, not about you. Will you help? The boy can help, too.

18 Jan, 2012. 6:45pm

yes. tk@terencekoh.com

can you help me with everything? sincerely matt c.

16 Jan, 2012. 9:35pm

deer matt c. want to help. bunny helps fingers.

maybe not

15 Jan, 2012. 11:09am

do we exist?

14 Jan, 2012. 8:01am

deer ? certainly doo exist promised myself never to use "i" again in a letter only as a reference so at least hear briefly yoo and doo exist in a morning letter love terence 14th jan'12. 8:43am

i'm white

14 Jan, 2012. 7:45am

I like eggs.

14 Jan, 2012. 12:29am

i love peas 14th jan '12. 12:43am

Fantastic Drawings! Bravo!

13 Jan, 2012. 10:30pm

pleased leave name when signing otherwise how doo we exist. oo, tea 12th jan'12. 12:41am

terence i want to miss yOO and kiss yOO and deer yOO xxx william c.

13 Jan, 2012. 9:28pm

write mee letters smores tk@terencekoh.com oo, t

hello can i intern too?

13 Jan, 2012. 2:21pm

some thames before a round ten two noon eye c yoo white wheels cross house tone go ing rong wei lav me

11 Jan, 2012. 9:48pm

i goo da rong wei caws ma name beeing han wei makes mee only one wei lav wei

all this is amazing. i want to work with u! adolfmonroe@hotmail.com

10 Jan, 2012. 4:30pm

showed this website to my mom. she really likes you now. of course i skipped all the penis stuff.

10 Jan, 2012. 12:55pm

deer penis stuff can yoo ask your mom to sea the website in private maybe she diddle wee tee? oo tea

hello terence greetings from hong kong we heard you are coming in april this year, exciting! ron+jed

9 Jan, 2012. 8:44am

yes i am hong kong april 26-29 foo libreratum festival pleased lets meet bee chinese friend okie dokie okie hong kong computer


8 Jan, 2012. 1:33pm

yes lets strip twice the pie communications always oo

lets take a walk on the wild side o terence

8 Jan, 2012. 12:28pm


7 Jan, 2012. 2:45pm

wanna meet for a long long walk? toddpyramidzone@gmail.com

7 Jan, 2012. 11:41am


7 Jan, 2012. 11:28am

deer huh? if the twig goes inside too i tink we can go too it tank yoo kindly, t

███████████████ :)

7 Jan, 2012. 5:44am

how can i join the koh club?

7 Jan, 2012. 5:14am

deer ? love receiving letters on my email tk@terencekoh.com oo t

i want too eat yoo

7 Jan, 2012. 4:47am

deer ? have set aside ass eating daes foo mondae nights between 9-10pm oo, tea

Dear Terence, i love the white colour and the black too.luca

6 Jan, 2012. 6:10pm

deer luca are yoo black too? love, terence


6 Jan, 2012. 9:51am

a good start of finding all things art history and textbooks even better really great!

5 Jan, 2012. 11:39pm

hello terence will you come to melbourne (we are in down under australia!) one day? we are a shy artist couple jonathan and lucy ps. we love koala bears like you love rabbits, we draw koala bears : P .............(...(`...-"'´´-...´)...) ..............)......--.......--....( ............./......(o..._...o)....\\ .............\\.........(..0..)......./ ..........__.`.-._......'='.._.-.´.__ ........../.......'#.'#.,.--.,.#'.#.'....\\ ..........\\__))........'#'........ ((__/

5 Jan, 2012. 11:50am

.../)/) (=';'=) (,(""),) (")"(") .../)/) (=';'=) (,(""),) (")"(") tank yoo so much jonathan and lucy shy artist of down under

I enjoy what I dont understand, and yet what I dont understand frustrates me. Please keep it up, I would like to revisit many times and maybe someday "get" it without realizing it. a fan with an iota of seething jealousy, Andrew from hong kong!

4 Jan, 2012. 5:43am

deer andrew the truth iz in the trudge the truth iz in going on oo tea 4th jan 2012.

hello terence if you want i am free to be your lover >>>>>>>>>>>O (one day you will know who i am)

4 Jan, 2012. 12:26am

That is a strange place I like. bonne année

1 Jan, 2012. 5:25pm

deer année it iz a field place we can collect two oo tea

happie happie koh ear

1 Jan, 2012. 8:48am


31 Dec, 2011. 2:55pm

deer ? if yoo know that there are no shoulders in our lifes have yoo ever eaten a bowl of cherries than no what thee to the ran sham house what tither thee tea too the long and after into and rest love terence 14th jan'12. 11:29pm

Also do you believe it is possible to be in love with someone you've never met? I know I believe that but what do you tink? -Devon again

30 Dec, 2011. 7:37pm

deer devon yoo have already fallen in love wit the secret unmet person it iz utmost importance yoo form a glowing white image in your mind of the person but blur out the features so and make it pure glow take a pinch of salt and poot it under your tongue as the image begins to fade next take a packet of salt and wash your hair with just the salt (no water) the person yoo have never met will bee transformed into twine wit yoo its best too doo it tonite love terence 3rd jan 2012. peru.

If a ladder made of baby Jaguars came out of the sky would you climb it with me? - Devon from Los Angeles CA and Santa Cruz CA (both at the same time)

30 Dec, 2011. 7:33pm

monkey monkey

30 Dec, 2011. 5:28pm

koh the goldfish

29 Dec, 2011. 6:49pm

hoping to bee two fishbowl in 2012 happy new ear oo, tea

With all these silly webseits, such a great page keeps my internet hope alive.

28 Dec, 2011. 4:00pm

like a tiny tiny candle

i wants a sculpture too, i want every thing, i like every think it is mee who rites to yoo every day too make yoo happie

28 Dec, 2011. 3:05pm

hello terence i follow you to end of earth wind and fire your true fan, matt c. from ireland!

28 Dec, 2011. 2:04pm

deer matt yoo make me happie from ireland and your club mail pleased write me my private email : tk@terencekoh.com i want to send yoo a sculpture to ireland as a present oo t

Happy New Year? ¿Feliz Año Nuevo? Feliz Dia... ahora si Leo

28 Dec, 2011. 8:51am

deer leo happy new ear too yoo too where are yoo foam pleased i ask?

its so sad that no body rites two yoo todae, so i thought i wood right some thing love yoo terence how was your kohmas?

26 Dec, 2011. 10:22am

deer oo its ok nobody writes on christmas but yoo i read somewhere that merce cunningham cared deeply about if only 10 people really really loves someting he does than 10,000 people hoo liked it so i can imagine only yoo writing me on christmas dae hoo are yoo now? oo terence

Happy Holidays Terence, I hope you get lots from Hermes. love Tay Trong

24 Dec, 2011. 9:38pm

deer tay happy holy days too yoo two oo, t

re-creating the conditions of capitalism is not a critique of capitalism.

24 Dec, 2011. 2:20pm

我在米兰 圣诞快乐 tan

24 Dec, 2011. 11:59am

deer tan tank yoo kindly foo your loving letter oo, xu han wei

merry kohmass

23 Dec, 2011. 3:22pm

oo ooo oo o ooooo a berry kohmas too yoo too a berry kohmas too every one two love koh oooooooo

monkey monkey monkey monkey

23 Dec, 2011. 5:16am

boo oo oo

23 Dec, 2011. 12:46am

boo oo oo

22 Dec, 2011. 12:30pm

kiri kiri kiri kiriii !

22 Dec, 2011. 9:40am

猴子 猴子

21 Dec, 2011. 7:52pm

有一朵花,我的祖母给了我一次 她是一个真正的岛 koh 公主与电源 改变我们的月亮宝石坦克柳

hi hi hi hi hi i wanna join da club

21 Dec, 2011. 3:04pm

mee thanks yoo yoo are so sweet deer tea oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo koh tee from mee

21 Dec, 2011. 1:46pm


21 Dec, 2011. 11:25am

Dear Terence Koh, Meow said the panda to the wondering clouds... your love is felt through My razor blades. I have found a piece to my puzzle with bouncing, morbid happiness. <3 ^_^ Love, ~Meow~

21 Dec, 2011. 12:22am

there once was a morbid madness there iz now a morbid happiness there iz not much better than morbid happy than yoo are truly in love too oo t

my name is mee. yoo can also take some other letters and put them together to create my new little koh mame. it's easy. mee loves yoo

20 Dec, 2011. 4:03pm

tookie mee yoo make mee sea oo, tea

dear mr. terence i love you bunny man xo jeff

20 Dec, 2011. 11:17am

only koh nows how to koh mee. i want to bee art part fart tart of you, you can wrap me in whit koh paper, i will send mee to your studio

20 Dec, 2011. 9:20am

pleased give name i like names i love name

dat pussy cold, dat pussy creeky.

20 Dec, 2011. 8:08am

snug bunny butts baby it's cold outside

19 Dec, 2011. 2:33pm

diggle doodle loodle what time iz now to the bunny butts diggle roo diggle loo bee cool wit me so we bee tool

thank yoo deer koh for your white letters i write on your wall twice a day i wood like too become yoor artwork please let mee bee one koh yoo :*

19 Dec, 2011. 9:54am

how wood yoo become mee? yoo will bee art of mee and mee art of yoo? pleased teach me how koh yoo.

i like your webside. it is soo white and has black letters but your little koh letters are white. write some koh things to mee

19 Dec, 2011. 8:30am

good morning mee yoo noticed yoo noticed makes me all blush white yoo noticed its white letters what more can i say that yoo have made me white todae yoo are mee mee iz mee mee iz yoo i am koh and yoo are mee love koh mee


19 Dec, 2011. 7:16am

cool if this text box works!!! love it!! fabulous new site bunny x

18 Dec, 2011. 11:36pm

it iz work sir. i have only want to work it foo yoo. always, terence

jiz in my pants

18 Dec, 2011. 10:43pm

4 times a day please canyon

18 Dec, 2011. 6:58pm


18 Dec, 2011. 4:05pm

oo oo oo oo

lolz <3

18 Dec, 2011. 12:12pm

ummmmmm !

18 Dec, 2011. 10:36am

hello terence yesterday i had a dream of you there was lots of white balls they were glowing very softly around the air we were holding hands and you had on a white spaceage outfit and you had a white tube that was connected to my head i could read your thoughts they were like soft singing we went into this hole in the ground, it was very cold and suddenly the ground disappeared and we were both floating and falling at the same time you held me and than i woke up i hope this is not too much to reveal xx tom vancouver

18 Dec, 2011. 8:23am

terence wo hen xi huan ni milan tan

18 Dec, 2011. 8:24am

谢谢 你从哪儿来? xu han wei

hey terence don't let others get you down in your own universe of your website i haven't met you in person and it doesn't matter what you are in physical reality you are a true spirit sincerely yumi, from tokyo

17 Dec, 2011. 10:29pm

deer yumi tank yoo i get sad when people poke me hear but yoo make me happy again also there are rabbits now in the moon sea its so easy love terence

hi terence i want to do drawings with you very much xx, shawn (from milan)

17 Dec, 2011. 8:53pm


17 Dec, 2011. 7:05pm

the monkey said too the sailor yo flag has disappeared into yo ship and nothing too it an anus and now ⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐ flies around me brrrrrr still koh


17 Dec, 2011. 2:32pm


17 Dec, 2011. 1:30pm

why woodn't i reply i don't have anybody else to communicate truly wit in my life except through this channel true sincerely, terence ps. its really cold in the woods todae oo

i want too meat yoo too

17 Dec, 2011. 12:39pm

this koh saturdae lets make a sausage cottage mottage

hello terence i want to meet you one day am charles han from taiwan

17 Dec, 2011. 9:49am


16 Dec, 2011. 4:21pm


15 Dec, 2011. 4:48pm

i'm at a loss why yoo chose time to destroy me we cannot sink into the cake yoo now know now lets render the owl too tonite ok? lets make him a charmer lets make dee a skin mater


15 Dec, 2011. 4:43pm

stay clean and dirty. frnk wck

15 Dec, 2011. 4:17pm

deer frnk i dropped water into my round ball of soap and went into the nostril juice foo yoo oo terence

love and guts.

15 Dec, 2011. 3:37pm

i neeed you, art boi, help this art boi, to find a place in this universe to reside with comfort and ease, and chaos to feed the seed of creation. love. r.c. vreeeeland

15 Dec, 2011. 3:35pm

You're going to be very annoyed with me soon, I promise.

15 Dec, 2011. 12:41pm

There are a lot of white bunnies in Scotland.

tink yu the best fun bun jack

15 Dec, 2011. 8:40am

cookie mostest jack the rabbit

terence i am also terence not with two r's and an a' you liked me and my friends in a photo of when they were drunk do what you do and keep liking things x terence M

15 Dec, 2011. 1:29am

terence please find a way to find terence terence

Is this terence or the web nerd intern? Do you watch glee? How big is your penis?

15 Dec, 2011. 12:33am

hello sir i assure yoo this iz terence koh i am most definitely definitely KNOT an intern and most certainly knot a web nerd intern intern in truth terence koh

hello Terence it looks like you are living in a cloud

is this it? this is it.

i cut my head off

14 Dec, 2011. 8:10pm

can yoo still tink? oo, terence

my buttonhole is on fire!

i love you forever


thanks for all what you do dear Terence. Love & Light. L.

14 Dec, 2011. 11:57am

deer lamp i hope to bee pure like yoo i feel these days its about light light iz very important love terence

2 Terence Koh OO in Vancouver <3 Jules Francisco

14 Dec, 2011. 12:21pm

deer jules iz vancouver like wet now it has grey clouds hear in woodstock ny now. terence

empty space empty thoughts leaves are fallig the sky is grey

14 Dec, 2011. 1:28am

empty time empty tune to sky to toe love t

November 19, 2011 Thank U

14 Dec, 2011. 12:01pm

deer mr november 19 it iz a tank yoo too yoo us two why iz there a forest inside your heart? love t

Watching The Help and surfing your nifty site

14 Dec, 2011. 1:31am

i tink that iz a really good way to enjoy everyting now because then the ladies can have pie too terence

Choke, Enter. Teen Choker! Reckon thee? Not creek, eh? On the creek! No...(Retch)..eek! Once he trek. Teen rock, he. a name anagram pome for terence koh Sean

14 Dec, 2011. 12:22pm

i happy too tank yoo

hello terence did u know that love can change anything if yes spread the word much LOVE

14 Dec, 2011. 7:21pm


Art is fun. Always has been always will be. Don't take life to serious. Live and let live. Karma shall lead the way. -RMB

beautiful are those who see light where there is darkness

deer secret this iz terence tank yoo kindly for writing the first comment am sometimes pray for white light now love tea

love the new sitte. follow the bunny hop hop

14 Dec, 2011. 1:32am

dippity hop dop wop to the down hole lop terence

i love the deer page

tank yoo i love it too

you're so cute

5 Dec, 2011. 10:22pm

blush blush

I love your website!

8 Dec, 2011. 2:00pm

Hello Terence, Here an essay about your work: http://www.timotheechaillou.com/texts/terence-koh/ Best from Paris. T.


hello too two yoo too too

hello. its a grey white day today mr. terence koh.

12 Dec, 2011. 12:30pm

deer ? its a grey white evening too yoo non?

So the club is where I can can have a say?

hi terence. thanks. -antwan

deer antwan tank yoo foo writing mee i love how your message iz so minimal i donut know what to say myself two yoo love tea


doooooooooooooooo love terence